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Prom rule reasonable

April 30, 2013

Of all the dinners, dances and dates in high school, the prom often is the most memorable and important. Understandably, problems associated with the prom can arise and emotions can run high....

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May-05-13 11:35 PM

Ok first of all almost all of you are stupid.. And her being on a "list" or Jerry springer won't happen. You talk about the mother being a moron for letting her child take a 14 yr old while she is 16 yeah that makes sense but you fail to mention other kids that are going to their junior prom with 20 yr olds while they're 16. Check yourselves. Also saying "do you know what happens at the prom I wouldn't want an 8th grader there ?" Yeah please share, in your mind what does happen? I know !they have dinner dance announce prom king and queen then leave then go to post prom. Oh my soooo scandalous! Please you're all pathetic for attacking a mother and a young girl because they're trying to stand up for an unwritten rule. If its a big deal that an 8th grader cant go than a 20 year old shouldnt be going with a 16 yr old... I know that makes too much sense. Go somewhere and find something better to do... Youre Disgusting.

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May-03-13 12:05 AM

I am not going to say what is right or wrong for the Prom. It is an inportant high school function (once in a life time). My problem is with unwritten rules any where period. Unwritten rule are an easy way to abuse power and forget about when someone is looking for a favior at the cost of intergerity of the function. The school board. faculity and PTA should hash out the rule, establish and enforce them.

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May-02-13 5:57 PM

But see heres the thing....why should other 14 year olds be allowed to go if he cannot go when he is 14.

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May-02-13 4:25 PM

so if next year an 11th grader wants to invite a 7th grader to prom, should that be allowed, after all, if you allow an 8th grader, a 7th grader is only 1 year younger. The school is right. I, as a parent, would not allow my 8th grader to go to a high school prom, do you, the 1th grade parent actually know what happens at proms? Its not a place for an 8th grader

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May-02-13 4:06 PM

What difference does it matter if she brings an 8th grader to their prom. It is not like there is a huge age differennce. He is 14 and she is 16. At least she isnt bringing an 20 year old with her. Why should the school be able to tell her who she can and cannot bring. And why should other kids from other schools be allowed to go when he is from the Fonda school district. Why can't the school interview him like they do with the other schools when kids from other ones come?

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May-02-13 8:59 AM

I see 'Parent Permit' on the horizon.

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May-01-13 12:35 PM

New York State's age of consent is 17. Does this mother want to get her daughter on a list for the rest of her life. Sounds like the school doesn't want to be a part of that. Rules are rules. Can't drive until you are 16, can't vote until you are 18, can't drink until you are 21 and yes, you can't go to the prom until you are in high school or older..period the end.

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Apr-30-13 10:26 PM

I'm not sure about the age difference , but it seems creepy to me..

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Apr-30-13 5:29 PM

Scarecrow, you could be right about the 8th grader being 15, but I doubt that because they haven't held anybody back since the '60s. It's just not politically correct and it hurts the kids' feelings.

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Apr-30-13 4:42 PM

You tyalk about the school rule and the age differance. All of you are missing a large point if the prom is going to be at the school then where are the schol officials that should be there to see that everything is alright then yes you can keep these two apart for the prom but what about the rest of the year you nor the school can tell these kids they can not get together and go for a walk in the woods and what they can or can not do.

So the schools rule in my opinion is just plain stupid.

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Apr-30-13 4:01 PM

It's fine the rule is no middle school students at HS dances and vice versa. Both of mine had early birthdays, so both would have been 14 in 8th grade by the time prom rolled around. Identifying it by school rather than age is a smart way of doing it.

On the other hand, if district funds aren't being used for the prom and it's off campus, I don't know what legal right the district might have....unless it's written.

And Portnoy, I agree. As a parent, I would also have an issue with a 16 year old bringing a 20 year old as well....

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Apr-30-13 3:55 PM

Three years' difference is far too extreme at their ages, and should not be encouraged by either set of parents. That age gap is just inviting trouble.

In addition, this boy will have four more years to attend. Does any student really need to go to proms five years in a row? Doesn't that diminish the special nature of the event when it becomes so routine? And what about the cost? How many families can afford five years of this?

There are regulations in place to protect students and the district. Not every regulation should be overturned just because Johnny and Suzy don't like how it effects them. The students (and their parents) can choose to respect the rules or not attend. No one is forcing them to go.

Good for the administration and BOE to uphold their position. If the parents feel so strongly that this should be changed, run for the open seat on the FFCS school board and work within the system, thinking about the impact upon ALL of the students and the ENTIRE district.

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Apr-30-13 3:46 PM

@drugsrus - Do you know the people involved? Do you know the Relationship between the two people? And as I read your post, How do we not know that the 8th grader is not 15? Said person could have entered Kindergarten at age 5 or 6. Might have been held back a year. Suddenly there is not such a big age difference.

However, thanks for pointing out that this is a gray area, when does a 3 year old age difference not matter?

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Apr-30-13 3:08 PM

Scarecrow, yup 3 yrs. is not a big deal, when you are 30. BUT when you are 16, 13 is a bit young. Is this 8th grader so mature that they are petitioning the state to lower the age for a driver's license???

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Apr-30-13 2:52 PM

What kind of moron allows their 11th grade daughter to date an 8th grader? And then encourages it with this prom petition nonsense!

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Apr-30-13 2:05 PM

Not for nothing, last I looked 11-8=3. Not a big deal folks.

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