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Cheers and jeers

April 27, 2013

CHEERS — To winning combinations. Last weekend, the love of reading was demonstrated at two venues. There were those dog-lover readers, more than 200 of them, who packed Gloversville’s SkyHeart Place....

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Apr-27-13 7:29 AM

JEERS to hypocritical people. The leaders in Texas are now asking for federal help in the wake of the tragic explosion in West. These are the same people who signed a petition to secede from the Union after the Presidential election. While the people there definitely need help after this tragedy, it's ironic that they are looking for help from the very same place that they sought to leave. Texas, be glad that we didn't let you leave!!

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Apr-27-13 7:29 AM

It is good that these welfare cheats are being caught. Unfortunately, it will cost many times that $22,000 for the investigation and prosecution which probably will include costs to house them in jail. Maybe instead of jail, fine them 3 to 5 dollars for every dollar they received illegally.

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Apr-27-13 7:52 AM

usedtolivethere - I would say cheers for trig to get back your fair share. They may not like the rules, but these are the rules we are forced to play by.

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Apr-27-13 8:31 AM

JEERS to all that support the hate that reins in the world today. Jeers to the intrusion into the legal right to interrogate a BOMBER by a liberal judge with ties to mideast. And JEERS to the liberals that point to the rules only when they benefit their own agenda!

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Apr-27-13 8:37 AM

Knickman, you are right and how many of those cheats are getting away with it? How many are on assistance that should be working for a living. And how many of our government workers turning their back on those that are cheating the system because it is easier? Gifts to the poor can be the easy way to cheat for many on the system, ask the bomber and his family!

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Apr-27-13 8:51 AM

agree that the welfare cheats should be punished as should anyone who steals form another. But $22,000 between all of these is nothing when you hear about the Gloversville soccer Club having someone walk away with a reported $100,000 and the name of that person is not published. Well like I have said many times if you have the right political connections you can get away with any thing in Fulton Co.

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Apr-27-13 10:19 AM

How can anyone track where that money goes? The congress just gifted the devastated areas in the NE for sandy relief 10 BILLION DOLLARS! Can you tell me where it can be traced to the penny? There are huge gaps and I know huge thefts of taxpayer dollars. You want to ask about Texans wanting a bit back for a real disaster but love the government waste on any of many progressive projects? Hypocrite!

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Apr-27-13 10:26 AM

So TOT, you tell us which tragedies are real? What are you, the new "decider"?

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Apr-27-13 10:39 AM

Welfare should NOT be a choose but rather the last option..Im sick and tired of waking up at 5 AM to go to work while hundreds of lazy Fulton County persons "choose" NOT to work and get a free ride!!If you can't find work MOVE OUT!!!!!

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Apr-27-13 10:40 AM edit option..The word CHOICE should have been used instead of CHOOSE.

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Apr-27-13 11:03 AM

My thought is that the more they spend, or gift. The more it costs and is stolen. I also believe that our government is spending way more than it needs for every single item. I believe that if waste from government was erased that there would be surpluses at every level. I believe that government is crooked and in the past 5 years it has gotten MUCH WORSE!

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Apr-27-13 11:07 AM

Texans do not need federal aid. It is as scarecrow57 said, they want a RETURN on their investment. It should go to them as quick as any progressive home state in our once strong country. You cannot decline or point them out because they are republicans!

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Apr-27-13 12:06 PM

usedto, they may have signed a cessation petition BUT they are still part of the US. I don't blame them for asking. I do believe you are smarter than you sometimes appear, but didn't think this one through. Texas pretty much said " You won't let me leave, so help me out with this."

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Apr-27-13 7:14 PM

Yes cheers to catching the cheats that robbed the taxpayers of $22,000! Knickman, true it will cost to prosecute them and house them in jail if any of them actually receive jail time. Although I commend the investigators for catching these people, I'm sick of reading about all these people who have already received thousands of dollars before getting caught. $22,000 here $40,000 there...something needs to be to stop our hard earned money getting in the hands of these good for nothing cheats. But we will give them a year and they will be right back on our dime again. If someone is caught for fraud they should be banned from any assistance for life .. and I don't care what happens to them because I have no use for anyone who cheats and steals!

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Apr-27-13 10:34 PM

drugsrus, remember a few days ago when I said something how there was always a 'BUT' to everything?

That's the problem: YOU can get married, BUT YOU can't even though you pay taxes like me; YOU have the right to a fair and speedy trial, BUT YOU don't.

It never ends! What will you say next?

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Apr-27-13 11:22 PM

swizzer, what's your point?? In case you haven't noticed, trials are not usually what you could call swift. Unless you call within a couple of years "swift".

Are you trying to turn into a gay marriage thing ?? Oops, that is politically incorrect The proper term being "same-sex" marriage. I don't care what you want to call it - the answer is still NO

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Apr-28-13 11:37 AM

President Barack Obama joked Saturday that the years are catching up to him and he's not "the strapping young Muslim socialist" he used to be. This would only be a joke if it wasn't true.. there is a huge difference! Proves he is not a comedian!

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Apr-30-13 8:52 PM

A new poll finds that many Americans are confused about the health care overhaul legislation commonly called “Obamacare.” The Kaiser Family Foundation released results of a non-partisan study today finding more than 40 percent did not even know the law was in place. “Four in ten Americans (42%) are unaware that the ACA [Affordable Care Act] is still the law of the land,” the report says, “including 12 percent who believe the law has been repealed by Congress, 7 percent who believe it has been overturned by the Supreme Court and 23 percent who say they don’t know enough to say what the status of the law is.” The survey showed public opinion on Obamacare is at its second-lowest rating in the past two years. Less than half – 40 percent – of adults viewed the ACA favorably, whereas 35 percent said they viewed it unfavorably. Another 24 percent said they did not know or refused to answer.

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May-01-13 6:03 PM

TiredOfTax, my own poll shows people who continue to refer to the Affordable Care Act as 'Obamacare' are spiteful, ignorant ******** :).

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May-01-13 6:30 PM

When you watch the Obama administrations spiraling to a thunderous crash because of these forced policies being enacted. Along with his many cover ups and just plain bad choices remember that I will still not be pleased about the wasted time that could have accomplished a lot that would have benefited the country during this tough time. But I will be humored by you and the many mighty Obama worshipers as you fall back to earth!

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May-01-13 7:44 PM

The poll found that fewer than half of those with incomes less than $100,000 per year approve of Obama's performance, while he enjoys a 54 percent approval rating among those with incomes higher than that.

Those earning less than $40,000 a year disapprove of the president's performance, 51 percent to 45 percent. Those earning $40,000 to $100,000 disapprove by a rate of 50 percent to 48 percent. A largely jobless recovery coupled with a Quantitative-Easing-fueled stock market rally seems to earn more smiles from the upscale among us, fewer from the working class," said the pollsters.

YouGov conducted the poll April 27-29 among 1,000 Americans aged 18 and over.

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May-03-13 12:18 PM

TiredOfTax, that 'poll' was from an unreputable source (YouGov) using a very small sample- 1,000 people.

This is exactly why nothing the right does can be taken seriously. I'm not talking about REAL Republicans. I'm talking about the fake Republicans like ToT & Co. who aren't Republican at all- just anti-Obama or Democrat.

And for that they should form their own third party, but won't because they have no spines and it's just easier to latch onto a mainstream party while being an extremist.

Hint: the Republican Party has made it very clear they do not want you.

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May-03-13 12:20 PM

And with my last comment I realized that I, too, have now been suckered by Hijacker ToT who has once again taken the thread for herself despite this editorial not once mentioning Obama.

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May-03-13 8:28 PM

When will democrats tire of this type of talk?? Obama blames American guns for Mexican deaths: ‘Most of the guns used to commit violence here in Mexico come from the United States’ The president omitted mention of Operation Fast and Furious, his Department of Justice’s program that ‘walked’ thousands of guns across the border.

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May-03-13 8:35 PM

RS, can't you play this game without being insulting? Why must you be so openly angry at posters that want to put forth a point that you may not agree with? Why can't you talk the talk without insults that truly only degrade your own post to the point that people just hate to see you respond. Most of the time inaccurately I might add. Why not try on a pair of big boy pants and sit at the table like a good boy for a change? If you try hard you may just graduate from those depends yet!

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