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Probe possible terror instigator

April 26, 2013

The most vicious of terrorist leaders are those who eschew violent acts themselves — there could be danger involved — but brainwash others into carrying out attacks....

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Apr-27-13 10:30 PM

This headline just came to my in box "Obama Protects Islam At All Costs"

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Apr-27-13 1:55 PM

swizzer, I'm referring to the whole legal (wink,wink) system.

Hill, I'd like for us to let the rag heads just fight among themselves BUT they brought this fight to us,and the knucklehead in charge could gain some credibility IF when he says there is a line in the sand and they cross it ... BOOM. But that won't happen and we shouldn't be thinking like that. Let's all sit around the campfire and sing Cum-by- aahh, be diplomatic and show them how much more civilized we are and how much better it is to be nice.

The problem is these backward tribal morons just want to kill us , unless we all buy prayer rugs and start praying to Mecca at the proper time of the day.

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Apr-27-13 12:35 PM

I'm having trouble keeping your positions straight. First you think the US should mind its own business and let other countries fend for themselves. Now you want the president to pull the trigger because Chicken Little says the sky is falling in a Syrian civil war half a world away. I ask you, Knucklehead Smith and Jerry Mahoney, isn't O'Rielly's hand cold when he sticks it up your backside to make your lips move? And, let's see him drink a glass of water while you talk.

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Apr-27-13 12:29 PM

drugs: 'Sometimes guilty, sometimes not'?

Really? Can you name one that has been found not guilty?

And can you name one that has been dealt a plea bargain? In fact, I'm going to go with none. One of them (McVeigh) is even dead- how is that a plea bargain?

The prosecutors don't go for plea bargains when trying terrorists, or so history has shown them not to.

Get real and learn your facts, buddy.

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Apr-27-13 11:11 AM

yup, that line in the sand ToT, kinda like Yosemite Sam and Bugs ("Cross that line.... OK, cross this line.... ant on and on) The tension level is nowhere near where it was during the Cuban missile deal with JFK. That man would have pulled the trigger and everybody knew it. Barry could get a lot of points IF he shot when they made the move over the line, BUT he'll just draw another colored line for them to cross

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Apr-27-13 8:25 AM

As we can see by YOUR presidents RED LINE... he needs to put more thought into it... red lind smed line. I am thinking about it! There (will) may be consequences? Whay to be a divisive not decisive leader of the not long to be free world!

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Apr-27-13 7:23 AM

TOT, I have this vision of you frothing at the mouth...are you OK? Seriously

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Apr-27-13 2:34 AM

We need to take more seriously the threats made against the infidels - basically all non muslims. We need to start doing what other countries have been doing for years - profiling bad guys. It's not politically correct but political correctness is what keeps us in this mess.

Our new mantra should be - Welcome to America, please add your ethnic flavor to the pot. However we do expect you to speak English and blend into our culture which is uniquely American. Please do not try to impose your ways on us. We are basically a Christian nation, but you are free to worship as you please or not. You are also free to return to where ever you came from if becoming an American seems too tough.

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Apr-27-13 2:22 AM

swizzer, sometimes the wonderful legal system is no more than a kangaroo court. Sometimes guilty, sometimes not. Liars (oops I mean) lawyers are always making deals, plea bargaining looking for technicalities.

Like it says at the front of the book The Godfather - "A lawyer can steal more with a briefcase than 100 men can with guns"

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Apr-27-13 1:03 AM

Civilian trials don't work on terrorists? How oh how did they work on Ramzi Youssef (in jail after civilian trial), Ted Kaczynski (in jail after civilian trial), KSM (on trial in NY now), Omar Abdel-Rahman (in jail after civilian trial), Terry Nichols (in jail after civilian trial), Tim McVeigh (executed after civilian trial).

Yeah, thought so.

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Apr-27-13 1:02 AM

ToT, it's funny because the Daily Show did a piece Thursday after Faux News went into a tailspin over the FBI's decision to not treat the remaining Boston bomber as an 'enemy combatant'. All the usual bimbos and airheads pretended to be shocked that no, in fact, you cannot treat him as such since he doesn't meet the criteria...

...and then the people ACTUALLY versed in law, you know- LAWYERS and on the Faux News payroll- came on and said 'No, you can't actually try him as an enemy combatant.'

And don't give me that crap that 'civilian trials don't work because they work each and every day in this country and others. It's a great system and you should have more respect for it instead of chastising it only when you don't get your way like some child.

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Apr-27-13 12:26 AM

TiredOfTax, why do progressives band together to prevent the war on terror? What are you talking about? The 'war' is itself a war- you do realize this, no? And that said 'war' has cost the lives of 100,000+ innocent people and millions more displaced.

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Apr-26-13 10:40 PM

Why do you progressives all band together to prevent progress in the the war on terror? Why defend murderers and take their side over the side of the dead and injured Americans and innocent bystanders? How do you condone the actions of your leaders that argue and defend the rights of criminals over the rights of Americans missing legs and lying in the hospitals suffering through pain brought on by people that hate the US because we are simply the US? How can you follow a leader that defends these cowards because of wars against their comrades in Iraq and Afghanistan? Have you forgotten the unity that drove us to the wars? The pain we suffered and the atrocities that the muslims inflicted upon us inviting us to take the challenge to fight for our freedom as well as the fight against the evil in the world? How do you sit at your computer attacking those of us that know that the enemy is not really hiding, we can see them but cannot touch them because you think profiling doesn't work?

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Apr-26-13 10:24 PM

Facts? Facts? Where are yours?

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Apr-26-13 8:16 PM

I see two people on this post that don't have a clue and that would be Dave and Rs, you both really need to find some real facts or just shut up!!!!

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Apr-26-13 3:28 PM

TOT...." Lets disband our military and become friends with everyone. Lets make the rich pay for everything and lets give freely all of our riches to the entire world." Your post sounds like you have been reading the bible. I'm going to pass it on to my minister, in the event he is looking for ideas on Sunday's sermon.

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Apr-26-13 3:20 PM

Discobulous, what are they going to probe him with? A branch from ToT's tree of knowledge.

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Apr-26-13 2:58 PM

adkkev, I used to post comments on this near my beginnings as a commenter here that said simply:

I read ToT's comments merely for the entertainment value.

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Apr-26-13 2:57 PM

TiredOfTax, your ignorance and stupidity never cease to amaze anyone.

Now get back on topic please.

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Apr-26-13 2:19 PM

ToT ... where did that tirade come from? Did anyone here suggest any of the things you describe? Wow. I will have to say that your posts are quite entertaining ...

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Apr-26-13 2:04 PM

I believe that we should take the liberal approach, lets apologize to the Arab world. Lets disband our military and become friends with everyone. Lets make the rich pay for everything and lets give freely all of our riches to the entire world. Lets quit using fossil fuel and anything at all that pollutes our mother earth, even flatulence or at least pass that law liberals wanted for cow gas! What else do you want? Can we do anything else for the liberals? Why not make up a wish list and just pass them all into law... it is going to be a great new world!! Or we can wise up and fight for our country against the people that EVERYONE KNOWS hates us and no matter what we GIVE they will still hate us.

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Apr-26-13 12:59 PM

Misha should be arrested and charged with what? Free speech?

Tamerlan was also into conspiracy theories. He believed that Jews were going to take over the world, and that the CIA was behind 911. Just look at all the conspiracy nuts saying that Navy Seals were behind the Boston bombings. If someone were to take action because if it, are we going to arrest Alex Jones? No, of course not. But then again, Jones is a white Christian, while Misha is a Muslim. Big difference, eh?

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