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Term limits would help

April 14, 2013

It’s no secret New York state government has a problem with corruption....

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Apr-14-13 6:02 AM

One would like to hope that term limits would represent the beginnings of a response to the corruption that is so deeply and pervasively embedded in our state political system. We must accept, however, the unlikelihood that the legislators will even discuss, much less address with new legislation, their own deeply rooted propensity to line their personal and deep pockets at the expense of their constituents.

The only rational approach this problem is to admit that these criminals will find other ways around any laws that would impact on their corruption. And even if such laws were passed, there is no possible way to address every possible scenario or loophole and prevent those who would violate the public's trust from doing so.

Just like rats in a maze, their sole purpose is to find ways to circumvent the system for their own benefit. Even Diogenes' search for an honest man would be futile in this morass of malfeasance.

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Apr-14-13 6:28 AM

I remember the Gingrich revolution of 1994. He proposed term limits. It didn't happen. New York City had term limits which Bloomberg ignored. It ain't gonna happen now. If you don't like a candidate, don't vote for the candidate.

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Apr-14-13 8:46 AM

GReader: "propensity to line their personal and deep pockets at the expense of their constituents." Aren't you painting with a mighty broad brush? I could say the same about our educators, and with the same degree of accuracy. Regardless, this is rhetoric from the LH editorial staff that has and will continue to support all incumbent Republicans. Just check the editorials next election cycle.

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Apr-14-13 8:54 AM

We do have term limits. They are called elections. People are just too ignorant to understand.

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Apr-14-13 9:03 AM

Wont work Disco, after they die they still vote. In NY a good politician is the cleanest shirt in a dirty pile of laundry.

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Apr-14-13 9:26 AM

One would like to believe that the voting booth is the place to impose term limits. However, the general public as a rule is stupid. Take the number of these fools who have been convicted of crimes and yet they are elected into office simply because there is a D after their name.

This new law looks like another knee jerk reaction lacking any thought just like the SAFE act.

And really LH?? You think $79K is too much money for an executive of a $300 Billion a year corporation. Perhaps the low pay is the reason we attract so many derelicts and criminals.

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Apr-14-13 9:46 AM

JOE BRUNO is why we should have term limits>>>>>but people soon forget>>>>.>why he is not in jail is beyond my comprehention>>>>>and another trial is on the horrizon and he will get away with that too.

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Apr-14-13 10:17 AM

If they would start taking away their retirements due to any crimes committed that would be a severe consequence. To many times they are allowed to "retire" with full benefits even though they have been convicted of a crime.

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Apr-14-13 10:17 AM

Term limits are way overdue and we have to find a way to limit what they can influence and if they can move on to another elected office. I am not sure that there are enough people interested in being in public service and I also do not believe that they couldn't be influenced by some muscle. Has anyone heard how Silverman is going to repay the taxpayer money that paid off the democrats sexual indiscretions yet? Yeah like he doesn't deserve to be term limited right into jail!

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Apr-14-13 11:27 AM

If you don't put in term limits the sheeple will keep the same useless crooks in until they die. But if they manage to steal enough they can get past that too. Bloomy did

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Apr-14-13 1:13 PM

yup, I forgot about that Portnoy. Voting is an obligation that very few participate in, unless it's for somebody who promises to give them everything they want.

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Apr-14-13 1:47 PM

Lets see if even the stomping of our second amendment rights gets any attention. On second thought anyplace but in the liberal states the people would see what this has done, here in NY we cheer when they imprison the innocent or take away freedoms! There is no way democrats are going to allow any change to their present one sided politics!

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Apr-14-13 2:59 PM

Term limits would work! Great editorial!

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Apr-14-13 6:50 PM

Since NY has no provision where citizens can petition for referendums, the only way for term limits is at the ballot box, voting out the career politicians. The elected reps certainly are not going to " vote themselves out". Voters are going to have to realize that is "their guy" that is a part of the problem and vote them out, even if it is not a member of their party. You also have to ignore these claims by the incumbents about their seniority, being the ranking member of some committee giving them advantages for more money coming back to the district. Every district should be treated similar. whether it

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Apr-15-13 8:51 AM

Bruno is not in jail because in NY the Legislator members are not full time. They all have jobs outside Albany. Trying to figure out how to prosecute Bruno but not all the others is the problem so they want to take another bite on the other side of the apple. Either make them all full time or keep them part time and meet once or twice a year. The Texas Legislature, for example, is bicameral like the other States but they meet once every 2 years for 140 days. With 2 year stints, little mischief can be done. Seems to be working out pretty good for Texas.

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Apr-15-13 9:17 AM

When most if not all of the first term politicians,when they want the peoples vote, they all say "I will work my*** for you all the time, call me day or night".....Then they work thiei***** off for them$$$$SELCES$$$$$$. Then like Joe Bruno and after several terms...they all start the big shift to helping themselves. Mr Bruno was convicted on two accounts of felony fruaudulently use of TAXPAYERS time and services...his secretary did work full time and most of her work (if not all in that 6 months grey period) she did for him was unlawfull. MEANING if Joe Bruno was to have hired his own secretary and rented a office and paid his telephone and rent and power bills.....that would have been all legal. But he didn't and he should be in JAIL (as you or any other average citizen would of been locked up and sent to prison asap). ALL of his good deads and his political power saved his *** and some obscure rule by the Supreme Court saved him this time!!!

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Apr-15-13 9:28 AM

The only reason Joe Bruno is not in jail (YET) is because if he was jailed the all those in the state legislatures would be right behind him.....because i would bet the farm.....they are all using their offices and secretaries (working) on their outside business on our dime. WE (the taxpayers) are payin these salaries for these full time state employees. Plain as day......80% would all be in the same boat and they all would be up the creek without a paddle!!

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Apr-15-13 10:58 AM

This coming from a paper who has supported Senator (Baron) Farley for the 30+ years the man has been in office, yet he has done NOTHING to better the area.

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Apr-15-13 11:03 AM

Term limits would work great and as far as accomplishing this at the polls, that is another task. We are only given limited choices at the voting booth. Choices that have a lot of money available to become elected along with two party approval. The playing field needs to be leveled so that the middle and lower classes can be truly represented. Just because someone is wealthy does not mean that they will legislate in the best interest of the people who most are not wealthy.

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Apr-15-13 11:51 AM

BCRane: I suspect Joe Bruno is not in jail for basically teh same reasons Schiochetti and Bray are not in jail....who you know

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Apr-15-13 12:25 PM

PleaseGetAClue, and to add further to that Bruno was and is actually rewarded for felony convictions by having a public stadium named after him.

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Apr-15-13 12:29 PM

KeLeMi, NYC did (and still does) have term limits and Mayor BLoomberg most certainly did not 'ignore' them.

Get your facts straight.

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Apr-15-13 12:38 PM

LoyalSocialist, excellent point and needs to be said again:

This paper supports terms limits on the one hand; and on the other has forever support Hugh Farley, who actually wrote my mother's grad school letter of recommendation om the 60's despite having never met her. If that's not telling, I don't know what is.

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Apr-15-13 12:49 PM

rschweizer, and to add, we'll see if the LH will support Mini Farley in the next election.

If you recall, Mini Farley was supposed to run in the last election because Dad Farley wanted to finally retire and had no desire to run. When it soon became clear that Mini Farley didn't think he was prepared enough (and when the County Republican Party also thought the same), Mini stepped out, and dad re-ran knowing he could easily secure his throne.

Must be nice.

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Apr-16-13 2:33 PM

RS WOW now a letter of recommendation for your mother. Do your storys that atart with once upon a time ever end?

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