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Cheers and jeers

April 6, 2013

CHEERS — To healthy kids, and to the adults who lead them in that direction....

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Apr-06-13 7:39 AM

JEERS to the tip line and politics today!! The way that they ram bills through is disgusting. It should not happen that way except in real emergency situations. I do not agree with Bloomberg often but this time he is right! Bloomberg also included Gov. Andrew Cuomo in his revulsion of all things Albany, implying that one of the things that aids corruption is the practice of the governor sending lawmakers something called a “message of necessity” so a bill can pass quickly, without anyone having a the chance to study it. “Why can’t you give it time? Well, the answer is they don’t want anybody to see it. That’s the only explanation,” Bloomberg said. And it is the same at the national level! If it is right it will pass on its own, do not force bills through on the fear it won't pass, if it doesn't pass there are inherent problems with it!

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Apr-06-13 7:51 AM

JEERS to a growing problem, even as we are told how great things are now we find that we have record numbers of eligible workers have dropped from the job hunt we also have a welfare boom. During fiscal year 2012, the U.S. government spent a record $80.4 billion on food stamps, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), a $2.7 billion increase from FY 2011. (Fiscal year 2012 ran from Oct. 1, 2011 through Sept. 30, 2012.)

According to the Monthly Treasury Statement that summarizes the receipts and outlays of the federal government, $80,401,000,000 went towards SNAP during FY 2012, which was a $2.7 billion increase from $77,637,000,000 in FY 2011.

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Apr-06-13 8:18 AM

This will be fun to watch...neighbors calling the hot line to report their neighbor, who they don't like, has a gun. Or just for the heck of it, to cause trouble. New York has devolved into witch-hunts that are going to get messy, messier if search warrants are not required, which is not specifically mentioned by the way. Of course, people can always overwhelm the system...grab a phone book and report random people, a lot of them, every day. A good start would be reporting to the authorities every single New York State politician. Let them cannibalize each other first.

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Apr-06-13 8:51 AM

Cheers to the Y is right, sounds like a fun day! I hate this time of year and seeing all the litter that is all over the side of the roads. Wouldn't it be nice if those collecting unemployment could be put to work in their neighborhoods to clean up. No it isn't their litter but it wouldn't hurt for them to earn their money.

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Apr-06-13 9:42 AM

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Apr-06-13 9:44 AM

so will the state be issuing 1099's for those $500 rewards... is it taxable? Unbelievable. How about a reward for turning in welfare abusers! I'm sure many of them will be jumping on this opportuning, collecting the rewards, not reporting the income and sitting back as I continue to buy their groceries every week!

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Apr-06-13 9:50 AM

Wow--that comment that the unemployed should walk along the roads and pick up garbage to "earn" their money really hurt. I am newly unemployed through no fault of my own. My job was abolished. I was a hard worker who arrived at work 6:30 every morning, worked all day, and brought work home nights and weekends. I have worked since I was 13. Took a full college load, had no car, and worked 2 or 3 jobs at all times to earn a Master's Degree. Being let go was demeaning. After 26 years, I got a call on a Friday and that was it. Going to the unemployment office was demeaning. It has been hard to hold my head up as I look for a new job. Now I should be demeaned further by picking up garbage along the road? Why do people think the unemployed should be punished?

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Apr-06-13 10:00 AM

To quote the last line from the poem by Martin Niemoller---"They came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up." Read the full poem and you will see that NY has evolved into a NAZI state. This jeers should be front page news!

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Apr-06-13 10:13 AM

Governor Cuomo keeps stating that NYS agencies, schools, municipalities, etc. must “live within their means”, merge services, etc. He has stated “everyone” must sacrifice. Many people are now unemployed or underemployed. Those who have jobs have had to give back on pay and benefits to keep those jobs. The payroll tax has taken more of the lower and middle class paychecks. The sequester may result in furloughs; in some cases people may lose 20% of their pay.

Now look at the NYS “leadership”. Just bought a new helicopter to the tune of $12.5M. I do not see legislators sharing services or merging. They still have their Albany and satellite (local) offices. They have not had to reduce staff and do more with less or pay for their own supplies. They are still receiving full pay, benefits, and perks. I urge readers to research the leadership stipends—some up to $34K added to $79K salary. Then they ADD a new senate seat, which the news says will cost another $1M.

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Apr-06-13 10:14 AM

Also notice that the schools, agencies, etc. are laying off the underlings, not the administrators or 6 figure commissioners. One example—the thruway authority. No high paid commissioners being let go. The 200 who are being laid off are being offered their jobs back—for less pay and lower benefits of course.

Maybe I took the posting wrong about the unemployed picking up garbage, but it sounded mean spirited. It sounds as though we should take the 200 toll workers and place a red “U” on their sweaters and make them walk the roads to add to the punishment of being laid off.

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Apr-06-13 10:23 AM

Sorry adkgirl but it was not mean spirited and obviously there should be some guidelines for it. For example those unemployed could do jury duty, etc. Honestly most unemployed I know would feel better about themselves if they were doing something. I agree with these agencies, school, businesses that lay off the workers that actually work instead of the administration that are making the 6 figure salaries and have no real purpose. You are most likely one of those unemployed that didn't deserve to be let go. Another example of letting go of the hard workers at the top to hire workers at a lower pay scale. How do we stop the madness??

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Apr-06-13 11:44 AM

Abe.......I agree with ADK girl...your post was mean spririted. At least she was employed. Perhaps you meant some welfare recipients who do nothing all day. I think if we taxpayers are supporting them, they should support their community by providing some community service. They are not made to do that, and shame on the DSS who just should be making them do something to earn their keep.

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Apr-06-13 11:46 AM

TOT- so the federal government spent $80 billion on food stamps and that's a problem for you? What about the disabled? Disability payments totals $260 billion a year, much more than food stamps and welfare combined. Is it OK for people to be disabled? Or are they lazy loads scamming the system too?

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Apr-06-13 1:51 PM

Dear NYS Republican Committee: Please find a viable candidate so that King Andrew is driven out of office. Maybe if his TV ads continue to sell a low middle class tax for New Yorkers, enough fools will be fooled. Keep you property tax bill handy to remind yourself what a hot bag of air we have as governor. Sincerely, A Democrat.

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Apr-06-13 1:59 PM

Hill, you are exactly right but here in NYS we elect those that will GIVE what we expect to RECEIVE. That means free stuff for all that want. No strings attached just get your assistance and go sit and do as you please. You need to do nothing but vote democrat and you get everything you need, we aren't going to change that. Not now when the tipping point has been reached. You only need 50% of the votes and those on the arm either employed by or supported by government has solidified the democrat victories from here on out!

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Apr-06-13 2:29 PM

JEERS to over reaction! A disabled grandfather from Centerville is behind bars facing terrorism charges. We talked with 52-year old Brian Davis from the Appanoose County Jail where he is charged with felony threat of terrorism. He says he was making small talk with his physical therapist, complaining about what he considers to be lax securty at his granddaughter’s school, when the therapist claimed Davis made a threatening comment about going into the school and opening fire.

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Apr-06-13 3:04 PM

Jeers to the notion by a local Editorial Board that "Fair elections mean publicly financed". This editorial plainly was wrong. Publicly financed elections, as demonstrated by what occurs in New York City, are corrupt from the outset. Fair elections cannot occur when the public matches 6 times (with public money) the money raised by those seeking election. There can be no better example than Malcolm Smith recently demonstrated of a corrupt publicly financed election system.

This very editorial made an unsubstantiated statement that "Polls show strong support among New Yorkers of all types .... [for] publicly financed elections". The public, as evidenced by many postings on the Leader Herald's editorials, illustrate just how unlearned and uninformed "New Yorkers of all types" actually are. The public's lack of intellect doesn't serve to justify a poor plan.

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Apr-06-13 3:56 PM

I wasn't being mean spirited Wolf but take it how you want. My opinion, which is what this board is for, is that anyone who gets money given to them when they don't work (unemployment or welfare) should have stipulations attached to it for so many hours of community service a week. Think of all the people they pull out of work to do jury duty?? No brainer to use the ones that are not working. Help out at food pantries, libraries or churches. Sorry if the garbage comment offended your friend but the litter all over the roads was previously mentioned and I went with it.

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Apr-06-13 4:10 PM

TA the Schenectady paper is only blindly following the national lead. There actually should be some way to get an honest person elected without buying their way in. Problem is the job you run for does not in any real way pay for the cost to get it! Honest people go private for just that reason. I am in no way saying that no honest person has ever run for elected office but what I am saying is most intelligent people know that it isn't worth the hassle!

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Apr-06-13 5:17 PM

I live out of New York State part of the time, and I'm seeing commercials for businesses to "Come to New York State. You'll find tax breaks and low income taxes." However, everyone paying those high property taxes are subsidizing all those breaks Cuomo is touting to outsiders. Adkgirl, sorry for your loss.

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Apr-06-13 5:26 PM

Thanks,Adac--it is a loss. Losing one's job/career after 26 years is like experiencing a death. A few of my co workers taken last year were within a year or two of retirement. Who is going to hire them at that age? They were "old school" people who grew up being told to work hard and do the right thing and it really sent them into a tail spin when the rules changed. Employers getting rid of dedicated, experienced people to save $. This is people in their 50s and 60s who played by the rules. And, for the other posters, I served jury duty while I worked. My co workers were proud people. Some of these suggestions of what they do to "earn" their $350 a week would be the final straw that would break them. They are already so demoralized.

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Apr-06-13 5:28 PM

Also, Adac, I would leave NYS in a heartbeat if I could. I have never felt like that before. However, have relatives here who I need to take care of.

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Apr-06-13 7:31 PM

Portofny thanks for showing off that ole Fulton County stupiidy!!You are the problem in this country!

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Apr-06-13 8:23 PM

Portnoy, I really think you should read up on Godwin.

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Apr-06-13 8:27 PM

Gemini, my family on BOTH sides are actual Holocaust members. If you think for one minute that New York or the US are turning into Nazi Germany, you have another thing coming. You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. None. So shut it.

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