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Boy Scouts must choose

March 20, 2013

The Boy Scouts have helped millions of boys during the organization’s more than 100-year history....

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Mar-28-13 6:45 PM

Good points Drugs, and when you force fit into a club... can you feel the love right away? Or will it be exuded upon them gradually?

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Mar-27-13 11:08 PM

and back then nobody cried discrimination, was concrened about rights that were never really abused, or claimed they wanted to be treated as normal people. That is because "they" were treated with as much respect as the rest of society. We all used to be nicer to each other.

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Mar-27-13 11:02 PM

I'm sensing some hostility on both sides of the issue. The BSA, since 1910 has been a private organization. "Those" people have been a part of society pretty much forever.The question I have is why has this and the issue of "gay" marrage been in our faces for the last few years? And why do "they" suddenly feel the need to be accepted by society?? Back when everybody minded thier own business these things weren't issues.

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Mar-27-13 11:26 AM

Change the Scout Motto to A scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, Reverent, Homophobic and Atheistphobic.

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Mar-25-13 8:48 PM

And I am not alone! About 800 Scout leaders, including the national leader of the group, participated in a leaders' summit to discuss Scouting topics.

At the end of that session, dozens of Scout leaders and parents staged a news conference to announce the formation of a Scout group opposed to allowing "open homosexuality" by adults in the Boy Scouts.

"The Boy Scouts are one of the great jewels of American culture," said John Stemberger, Eagle Scout and founder of OnMyHonor****. "We support the current policy of scouting, which is backed by over 100 years of tradition and allows anyone to participate irrespective of sexual orientation, only disallowing the open and aggressive promotion of homosexuality and political agendas. When it comes to young boys, parents have the final say on the issues of sex and politics."

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Mar-25-13 2:02 PM

So why does one need to conform to gay standards? Why must they be able to force themselves into any group wanted or not? I say stick to the principals or disband altogether as compromise is surrender to something that ruins the very core of what this group stands for. Another entity to be ruined because it stood in the way of gays taking over every single group that is on their target!

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Mar-25-13 1:41 PM

That has got to be your best post ever G there were no facts no opinions and a lot of name calling... great resource to refer back on for the wealth of information. I know that I feel better just knowing you are out there!!

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Mar-24-13 9:08 PM

TOT should be ashamed but is not.. Doesn't know any better.. Anyway the scouts can be as small minded as they want as long as they don't take a dime of taxpayer money or meet in schools..TOT forgot that even non-bigots pay taxes.. BTW the 1800's called and they want their prejudice back

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Mar-23-13 8:02 AM

Yes I see we still are off topic again and I still believe that the Boy Scouts of America should stand on their traditional values. It has not changed and those wanting to join do not have any reason to doubt their qualifications. If you want to join a club that hunts, camps and outdoor fun you wouldn't join a sewing circle and then insist to them it is wrong to sit and sew.

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Mar-22-13 7:54 AM

isn't gay conservative somewhat of an oxymoron?

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Mar-22-13 7:53 AM

I just hate intolerance. and how can someone be sick of us that doesn't care what we think? We point out truths that you don't want to face, and then project your faults on us. Typical conservative better-than-thou attitude

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Mar-22-13 7:38 AM

PS USED I never said that I hate you because you are gay, I have gay friends... just not liberal ones like you. I again tell you to follow your own advise and look into that mirror and see the hateful lying namecaller that you are.

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Mar-22-13 7:34 AM

Oh yes I see as kaydont and used posts are filled with love. I am sick of you calling me hateful and recast and bigoted as you are the ones doing the name calling. Do you feel that your post healed someone? Did it take us all a step closer to joining hands and singing as we skip down the garden path? You are the hateful ones the intolerant ones the ones that demand change based on what... an insult or a name calling or a denial of the things that I as a TAXPAYER have funded??? Your disagrees do not make me wrong... they simply mean that you are still wrong. The way to solve problems is talk, not your liberal version of hate.

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Mar-22-13 6:30 AM

WOW people are you all that ignorant? If they want to be hateful then STOP taking government money and using schools or campgrounds at tax payers expense. Your small minded ignorance is a fading thing. Replace gay with "Black", "Jew" or 'Hispanic". Would you say no you're black you're abnormal? Ok some of you would. Teaching to hate because someone is different is SO getting old. Again stop taking money for your "private" KKK Nazi party! You shouldn't be allowed to have it both ways.

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Mar-21-13 7:12 PM

TOT, give up. Your hole is getting deeper. Just say "I hate gay people" and don't post again in this thread

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Mar-21-13 5:36 PM

RS, my comments were more to the boys but the leaders as well should be in line with traditional sexual values. I believe that a woman or gay man would be much more open to bringing up problems in certain scouting situations where a gesture may be interpreted in a way that causes a very awkward and maybe costly instance. I know that I would be more comfortable with people of "like" values to diminish the chances of trouble. Is't that what the scouts are supposed to be? A learning experience that should go as safely and uneventful as can be.

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Mar-21-13 3:58 PM

TiredOfTax, perhaps people don't understand your argument of 'being subject' to gay this or straight that because there is nothing to be subject to. It's not a choice and it's not like the scouts would be taight to act any differently by a gay scoutmaster as a straight one.

If a scoutmaster is 'subjecting' hid scouts to anything sexual, be it gay or not, they could and should be prosecuted if anything; but that has nothing to do with their orientation.

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Mar-21-13 2:21 PM

I never said that the world has to change for a few. You assumed that. Your compassion is only outweighed by your obvious bigotry.

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Mar-21-13 1:35 PM

Aparently used, this topic is a bit too close to home for you to comment on as your emotional posts are evident. I as a parent would not want my gay child subjected to the treatment that they would be exposed to in a "scouting" situation and also I would not want my straight child subjected to the gay influence under that very same "scouting" situation. What I do not understand is why do YOU get the right to change the MASSES to cater to the few that are... abnormal? When the majority is of NORMAL sexual orientation wouldn't even you agree that a minority is the abnormality? Plus your preferences on this topic says a lot about your off center views on other topics. Do as you want but why does the world have to change for the few?

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Mar-21-13 11:07 AM

Do what the Girl Scouts do and there would be no issue.

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Mar-21-13 11:05 AM

TOT, you belive we should promote gay acceptance in one breath, then say that abnormal beliefs should be excluded and imply that gay scouts would jeopardize the "moral fiber" of scouts? You should stay away from this subject as you lose what little credibility you might have.

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Mar-21-13 11:02 AM

homosexuality is an "abnormal belief"? TOT, what is your source for that gem?

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Mar-21-13 9:17 AM

Common sense (the old version) says that young people of different genders should be separated in certain circumstances. I believe that abnormal beliefs should be excluded from participation in certain activities. The moral fiber that has been representative of the BSA sense 1910 should be allowed to continue. I do not get why you must always change the programs that you do not fit in, why not start your own and if there are others that agree, you will overwhelm the prior group into submission. I agree that we should promote gay acceptance but not condone changing everything to meet homosexuals expectations.

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Mar-21-13 9:06 AM

All I see is welfare for lawyers. They let them in they get sued. They keep them out they get sued. I think the Leader Herald had it right when they put the editorial in the Obits. The Boy Scouts attempted to teach self-reliance and morality, both of which are in very short supply.

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Mar-21-13 8:15 AM

And discrimination, as you use it, is also incorrect. I disagree with you. Discrimination implies that somehow I'm hurting you. Words mean things.

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