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Agency can find funds

March 17, 2013

Why should public money have to pay for private mistakes? That’s the question we were asking after the Fulton County supervisors voted 11-8 on Monday to spend $40,000 to help the Fulton County Cente......

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Mar-17-13 4:39 AM

Yet another good editorial written by our local editors. Keep up the good work.

You guys need to deep six that Tea Party moron in the corporate office.

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Mar-17-13 7:17 AM

The major cost here will be for the services of an attorney. Might they have gotten one to work on contingency?

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Mar-17-13 8:27 AM

Should the money be recovered, the first payment should be to the Fulton County taxpayers, who deserve to be repaid any and all funds they have lost due to the ineptitude of the elected and appointed officials who oversaw this debacle.

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Mar-17-13 8:33 AM

How are we, the tax payers, getting any money back? Refunds? Elect people who won't foolishly spend our hard earned dollars in the first place.

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Mar-17-13 9:28 AM

If they weren't appoved by the board to receive the money. Isn't that theft or fraud ??

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Mar-17-13 10:13 AM

This is a private org.....or so they claim. They made a bad decision. Live with it.

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Mar-17-13 10:20 AM

Gee Dave, is everybody you don't like a moron or just plain Americans who you do not identify with? Arrogant hateful little man.

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Mar-17-13 11:16 AM

Let me see if I have this straight. When you wanted the state to pick up the tab, for a recovery effort for the funds, you all cried "they are a public entity" (wrong). Now that the money has to come from a source closer to home , you are now spouting "but its a private agency"! If they are private, I suggest you lick your wounds and make better investment choices in the future. If with all the resources the Attorney General could bring to bear, chose not to touch it, what makes you think some schmoe can do any better? Do they have anymore money to pee away? How does this benifit Fulton county?

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Mar-17-13 11:55 AM

Hey why not, we picked up the tab for GM, Chrysler, the banks, green technologies and so many other things that it has become the new America commune! It is time to step into the new common sense you know the one that used to be deemed... well not smart so as not to be too insulting. Today we are in the midst of liberalism in action it is time to trade in your fats for greens your cars for sandals and alter your brains to just go along for the ride. Just sit back and watch as the America that was once a beacon of freedom becomes a bastion of redistribution. It is going to be wonderful. No need to help other countries, we will just sit and wait for everyone that has more to share with us for a change... I am at peace now with the inevitable. Lets sit together comrades!

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Mar-17-13 2:45 PM

Dave is a person filled with alot of hot air and No Facts! Just a far left liberal feeling important.

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Mar-17-13 2:57 PM

Dave here is some real facts for you, the sky isn't falling and in 2008 Obama called Bush un-patriotic for spending 4 trillion in 8yrs and he has spent 6 trillion in 4 yrs. I'll bet you still blame Bush don't you? It's people like you that are un-patriotic...

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Mar-17-13 4:24 PM

I see one moron on this post, his name starte swith Dave!!!!!

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Mar-17-13 4:32 PM

Starts that is. Dave you need to join the RS club. That would be "Buy Clue Club". I love those that bash but really have know Idea what's really going on in this state or country...

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Mar-17-13 9:07 PM

I stand by my statement that the guy in the corporate office is a moron. It seems that every one of his editorials is factually incorrect.

I don't have a problem with people with a different view than mine. I think Limbaugh and Hannity are idiots, but I listen to Michael Medved religiously. That man has a brain and makes reasoned arguments to bolster his opinions. I disagree with him on most points, but I respect him. I like the vast majority of the editorials written by the local office, even though I often disagree with them. Again, they are reasoned and well written.

I have no respect for the moron in corporate. Go back to March 8th and reread "Religious fit to serve" as a classic example of being a dolt.

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Mar-17-13 10:00 PM

Dave, I'm sensing a bit of hostility

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Mar-17-13 11:24 PM

Annarondac, those two guys weren't elected. Or so I don't think. But point taken.

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Mar-18-13 12:20 AM

TiredOfTax, Gm, Chrysler, and 'the banks' have all, with no known exceptions, paid back their debts with interest to the taxpayers. I think the taxpayers made billions ($15 billion to be exact) and still has about another $8 billion in stock).

Funny how you didn't mention that.

Also, the return on that investment was about 4%. Try getting that kind of interest from your bank.

I really can't wait for your reply with a topic-changer or denial.

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Mar-18-13 12:22 AM

notgood, leave me out of your diatribe. You don't contribute anything but fuel on a fire.

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Mar-18-13 7:06 AM

The U.S. Treasury Department has said the auto industry bailout will cost taxpayers $3.4 billion more than previously thought.

Treasury now estimates the 2009 bailout will eventually cost the government $25.1 billion, according to a report sent to Congress on Friday.

That is up from the last quarterly estimate of $21.7 billion.

Since the $80 billion bailout of the auto industry, Detroit's big automakers have moved from crisis to profit. GM and Chrysler were put through government-funded bankruptcies that slashed costs and debt.

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Mar-18-13 7:09 AM

The complete list of faltering or bankrupt green-energy companies: Evergreen Solar ($25 million)* SpectraWatt ($500,000)* Solyndra ($535 million)* Beacon Power ($43 million)* Nevada Geothermal ($98.5 million) SunPower ($1.2 billion) First Solar ($1.46 billion) Babcock and Brown ($178 million) EnerDel’s subsidiary Ener1 ($118.5 million)* Amonix ($5.9 million) Fisker Automotive ($529 million) Abound Solar ($400 million)* A123 Systems ($279 million)* Willard and Kelsey Solar Group ($700,981)* Johnson Controls ($299 million) Brightsource ($1.6 billion) ECOtality ($126.2 million) Raser Technologies ($33 million)* Energy Conversion Devices ($13.3 million)* Mountain Plaza, Inc. ($2 million)* Olsen’s Crop Service and Olsen’s Mills Acquisition Company ($10 million)* Range Fuels ($80 million)* Thompson River Power ($6.5 million)* Stirling Energy Systems ($7 million)* Azure Dynamics ($5.4 million)*

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Mar-18-13 7:10 AM

GreenVolts ($500,000) Vestas ($50 million) LG Chem’s subsidiary Compact Power ($151 million) Nordic Windpower ($16 million)* Navistar ($39 million) Satcon ($3 million)* Konarka Technologies Inc. ($20 million)* Mascoma Corp. ($100 million)

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Mar-18-13 7:12 AM

As far as the banks go much of the "bailout" went overseas. The profits came from there. Plus he gave those "greedy" banks a low interest loan that they likely didn't need and they made RECORD PROFITS while refusing loans to consumers.

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Mar-18-13 7:14 AM

When it comes to failed Obama policies there is NO WAY I am going to change the topic... and EVERYTHING Obama has touched has FAILED miserably! The only ones that do not "get" that are you liberals!

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Mar-18-13 7:57 AM

TOT you must be a blast at parties... Dave you can't reason with the "I lernt everything I need to know from the bible" right wingers here.. Not sure there is just one tea party moron at the LH..

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Mar-18-13 9:09 AM

rs, point well taken. Considering the state of Fulton County's economy, what benefits came from the Fulton County Economic Development Corp. and the Crossroads Incubator Corp.?

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