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Cheers & Jeers

March 10, 2013

JEERS — To a slippery slope. This one actually would fall somewhere between a cheer and a jee....

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Mar-10-13 8:31 AM

I would like to know who and what party felt the need to limit access to their parties candidates. It is important for people (voters) to know as much about someone that they would give the right to represent us. JEERS to any political party that would do that! Why was that identity withheld from the article?

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Mar-10-13 9:38 AM

TOT, good know the answer as well as most of us do. Could be the candlelight vigil was for the passing of their union?! Hope so.

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Mar-10-13 10:43 AM

Whether they held candles or picket signs, the right to peaceably assemble is specified in the 1st Amendment. The semantics of labeling the event is insignificant. The message they are trying to convey should be what is covered by the local media.

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Mar-10-13 12:00 PM

Would you please send that comment to the New York, LA and Washington Times, I'm curious as to their response. Thanks in advance, seriously.

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Mar-10-13 1:02 PM

We should all be concerned with ALL the Amendments.

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Mar-10-13 1:55 PM

The candlelight vigil was nothing short of ruse. WIth a reported 375 members in the union, there were only 25 participants in the vigil, and many were not members of the union. The hospital should continue their stance and no raises, steps, and salary increases of any kind should be given. At Littauer, the cost keeps going up and the quality of care keeps going down. The staff should not be rewarded for their less than stellar work.

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Mar-10-13 3:04 PM

Cheers to the DEC for finally redoing the boat launch at Northampton. Long over-due!

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Mar-11-13 10:30 AM

The real travesty is the lack of a contract with a living wage for these people..while the CEO rakes in more then he is worth!!

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Mar-11-13 11:19 AM

No, yukonjack, the real travesty is people believing they need to pay a third party to represent their interests when they should be perfectly capable of doing it themselves and keeping ALL their salary. Would that then constitute a 'living wage'? Since NLH is a voluntary non-profit PRIVATE org. and not a gulag if anyone thinks they are not making a 'living wage', get a job somewhere else more to your liking. Finally, why do you care what somebody's else's wages are since it's none of your business in the first place plus you have nothing to do with their skills or abilities? Your comment stinks of the collective 'hive' mentality of equal outcome. This is of course, just my opinion.

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Mar-11-13 12:17 PM

Jeers to the should be making every sapect of life miserable for Mr Bray and Mr Schiocetti. They are thieves who proved that crime pays in Fulton County...They made millions illegally and we will never get that money back nor will these two ever do one minute of time for their crime...and IT WAS a crime. Reporters should be in their faces everyday, making them miserable. They will simply slink back under their respective rocks and wait for the opportunity for the county to hire them again in some capacity......

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Mar-11-13 1:26 PM

Cool now it is not only the medias responsibility to distort the news as the left deems correct it is now judge jury and executioner? No matter what we believe or think is right we and the media as well have no right to do as PleaseGetAClue asks. IT IS NOT the job for you, me or any media to force anyone to do anything like that! Please get a clue.

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Mar-11-13 1:32 PM

so TOT believes teh right is OK with Bray and Schiocetti's actions?

And the press has no right to apply pressure by questioning or pursuing it beyond the norm?

Quite an insight into how a warped brain works...Thanks for enlightening me TOT

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Mar-11-13 6:17 PM

PleaseGetAClue "so TOT believes teh right is OK with Bray and Schiocetti's actions" What does that mean? If you imply that I believe that I believe that they did nothing wrong, that is not what I said. What I said is it is not the place of the press or any persons not in a police capacity to involve themselves in any type of aggravated assault to anyone's privacy. If I suspected you of something should I have the right to follow you around and intrude in your everyday life? NO NOT AT ALL! They are supposed to be treated like they are innocent until they are proven guilty in a court of law... lawyerism just like the liberals LOVE! I await your intelligent reply!

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Mar-11-13 6:20 PM

Plus it is nice to see you liberal minds all use the nicest touches on your post, name calling shows just how advanced you liberals really are from us minions.

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Mar-11-13 6:45 PM

TiredOfTax, you are one to talk about 'namecalling' in a comment you leave about 'you liberal minds'.

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Mar-11-13 7:07 PM

Gee If you want to tell me I have a conservative mind or the I think conservatively I would feel complemented. Are you saying that liberals do not like being labeled a liberal? I would understand why but do not see how you would be inclined to be offended... call me a confused conservative. I see your point being called a liberal is a nasty... really nasty thing! Lower than a snake belly in a wagon rut!

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Mar-11-13 8:37 PM

TiredOfTax, you aren't a conservative. You're also not a Republican. You're just one angry person. Angry Barack Obama was elected and re-elected. Angry you're a 'red' in a mostly 'blue' state. Angry few people agree with you. Angry, angry, angry.

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Mar-11-13 9:26 PM

RS, Please explain how I can be red in a blue state without being a republican or conservative? And now I do not even know what to call you without upsetting you... really a bummer!

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Mar-11-13 9:47 PM

Remember GE got a tax vacation from Obama? Now they have a way to avoid even more... Some of the largest companies in the U.S. greatly boosted their tax-avoiding cash stockpiles abroad last year, according to recent surveys of company filings from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

For example, the Jedi master of avoiding U.S. taxation, General Electric Company (NYSE:GE), increased its tax-free cash accumulation to $108 billion, up from an estimated $94 billion in 2010. Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq:MSFT) increased its stockpile to $61 billion, up 36 percent from 2011 and up from $30 billion in 2010. Apple Inc. (Nasdaq:AAPL) raised its ante to $40 billion, up 73 percent from 2011.

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Mar-11-13 10:46 PM

TiredOfTax, NY has always been a pretty safe 'blue' state for as long as recent memory tells me.

And you're not a 'C' or a 'R'. I would put you in 'E': Extremist Party.

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Mar-11-13 10:49 PM

TiredOfTax, what does GE, the President, or taxes have anything to do with this post?

Oh right, they don't.

Just another hijacked comment threat brought to you by TiredOfTax.

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Mar-12-13 7:25 AM

This editorial is for cheers and jeers. I would say that everyone that voted in the current administration at state and federal levels belong in the jeers... and the ones that just do not get that just as yourself belong here on the JEERS even more!

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Mar-12-13 10:55 AM

TiredOfTax, yes, it's for Cheers and Jeers... of the states topics. Not for ones you simply want to make up or add here.

I've yet to read any comment where you don't just go ahead and turn it into an Obama-filled diatribe.

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Mar-12-13 1:57 PM

I will tell you what, you start telling us anything at all that Obama has totally messed up and not sheepishly follow and defend every single democrat issue and I will back off my duties to show how totally wrong our president and fellow democrats are on every single topic. OK?

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Mar-12-13 2:04 PM

JEERS to the first attempt at a budget is 4 years!! The first budget from Senate Democrats in four years includes nearly $1 trillion in new taxes but would not balance the budget. The blueprint unveiled by Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray (D-Wash.) on Tuesday to her Democratic colleagues would also turn off the next nine years of the sequester and replace those spending cuts with a 50-50 mix of tax increases and spending cuts.

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