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Cheers and jeers

March 2, 2013

CHEERS — To 14. Eyes and ears should be on those involved with merging two school districts into one. The Oppenheim-Ephratah and St....

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Mar-02-13 7:57 AM

Yes JEERS to power hungry liberals all over our state and nation. And Jeers to the many freedom infringements that they have imposed on the taxpayers. BUT CHEERS to A group of 1,200 New Yorkers has forced a court review of whether New York's new gun controls were rushed into law in violation of the state constitution.

Robert Schulz, of Warren County, calls Gov. Andrew Cuomo a "king" for pushing through the nation's toughest gun law by suspending the three-day review usually required before votes on bills.

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Mar-02-13 8:38 AM

On the local front, sugary treats like ice cream, donuts and soda should be off limits for benefit card purchases. They are laying the groudwork for health issues that, in many instances, will be treated using a medicaid card. Your ability to swing your foot should end where the publics' wallet begins.

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Mar-02-13 8:58 AM

Cuomo won again! He's turned upstate New Yorkers against each other with the 2% tax cap. The high property taxes are because of the governors failure to reduce the unfunded mandates!

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Mar-02-13 9:35 AM

I think the 2% tax cap is going to force schools to cut back on unnecessary Assistant Principals and deans etc. School employees and yes I mean all of them have never had to WORK all day. They need assistants principals, deans and let's not forget a planning period for the teachers? Unfortunately this tax cap is necessary to force the board of educations to cut out these positions but the problem lies in the fact that the board members are relying on the administration to tell them what can be cut and they are are NEVER going to give up their own perks and helpers. So little by little the teachers and support staff are laid off; which some of these positions will not affect the kids but after a couple of years the kids are the ones who begin to suffer. Larger classes are not going to hurt these kids and schools need to realize that. Taxpayers are at the brink and I think the cap was needed to force the hand of school districts who were out of control with salaries and contract deals.

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Mar-02-13 10:58 AM

Cuomo has been effective in forcing local school boards to control their previously inflated budgets. And, if responsible spending was exercised in the past, drastic steps would not have been necessary. Any school board, such as FFCS, that has led its district down the path of financial collapse should be given their pink slips this May. From them we can expect more of the same, and the same will no longer cut it. Career BOE presidents, such as Semione in Gloversville and Wszolek at FFCS, indicate that the rest of the board members are unwilling to get off their *sses and make a difference. Give them the boot.

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Mar-02-13 11:59 AM

CHEERS to Tens of Thousands of New Yorkers who protested against king Cuomo and his Draconian Gun Law.

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Mar-02-13 12:16 PM

This is why the battle over the 2nd is so important. Take away the means to keep government in check, then government tells the masses what they can eat, drink, etc... What is next? Dictating who can marry and reproduce by genetic profiling??

Hill, I agree that benefit card purchases should be better controlled.

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Mar-02-13 2:22 PM

The Sequester may not have been the ideal venue but the fact is the spending needs to be stopped. I don't care who it is, when you constantly borrow money to get by, your plan isn't working. We can’t afford another 10 Trillion dollars of debt over the next four years.

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Mar-02-13 6:20 PM

I am not aware of any mandates that require assistant principals or deans in the schools. In my daughters middle school health class at Fonda last year they watched DVD's of movies, any movies that kids brought in. There is no curriculum taught and health is a joke to the students. When they get in high school they can miss the class 25/30 days and still have a 90 average according to my neighbor's daughter. The principal is aware it is going on but she doesn't do anything about it. The kids all know the teacher will pass them because it makes him look good. Explain why this can go on and a psychologist who was helping kids deal with emotional issues was let go??? The school system is broken and not just at Fonda but all over.

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Mar-02-13 7:59 PM

Honest Abe: Where is the evidence of these claims you are making regarding the instruction and principal at FFCS? If that Health Teacher was your relative, wouldn't you expect such claims to be supported with facts? Taking the word of a "neighbor's daughter" seems irresponsible. One wonders what she says about you when you are not around.

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Mar-02-13 8:47 PM

A phone call to the superintendent would probably get to the bottom of it. The interm is a straight shooter, and he can be. He doesn't have to worry about being part of the big happy family on the hill and winning the popularity contest.

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Mar-02-13 9:10 PM

GReader sorry if my comments have offended you. I clearly stated this is information coming from students and don't consider myself irresponsible. School employees are public employees paid with my tax dollars. I am a taxpayer in the Town of Mohawk and when I hear things like this coming from students and my taxes keep going up I get irritated. Hmmm your jumping to this teachers defense does make me curious about these stories I have to admit. You do bring up a good point though and I will place a call to the Interim Superintendent to make him aware of these stories. I am sure he will look into it as he was brought in by the board to clean up that school. I would like to make an educated decision when I vote on my school budget.

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Mar-02-13 9:12 PM

@ Hilltopper I just heard the same thing about the Superintendent today at Stewarts. I am very optimistic about my tax dollars being spent wisely with the good things I am hearing about him.

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Mar-03-13 2:58 AM

That's all I ask, that in the name of honesty and transparency, statements - particularly those related to individual persons who are identifiable through their job title - be supported with facts. And when the facts are able to be substantiated, I look forward to reading them and the source of their origins through this forum.

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Mar-03-13 9:08 AM

Boards of Education should be eliminated! The local town/city councils should take over the budget process and leave the running of the schools to the Superintendent/principles..Second: the revenues generated to run our schools should come from all NY state payers NOT just NY state homeowners.Consolidation of small schools under the current strain of unfunded mandates and poorly funded general revenue is just putting off the closing of schools.IT DOES NOT SOLVE ANY OF THE PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!

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Mar-03-13 9:30 AM

GReader I understand and I have seen many public employees called out about things on these boards and unfortunately when you are paid with taxpayer money it comes with the territory. Check back and if the Superintendent is willing to share we will have our answer. If you are a relative of this teacher you may have an answer sooner than I and please do share your supporting facts as well. I certainly want the taxpayers to know the facts and not rumors when they go to vote.

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Mar-03-13 9:49 AM

The good side of the soda ban is now if you need a cop just tell the dispatcher there's a guy hanging around with a Big Gulp smoking a cigarette and eating salty french fries. They'll be there in a 'New York Minute'.

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Mar-03-13 9:58 AM

As to the property tax cap, there's another option that does not include leaving NYS, one that will force a change....stop paying School/Town/County taxes and let the *hit hit the fan. Let the 'State' try to take our property away and they'll finally realize what the 2'd Amendment is all about. Call their bluff. It's past time the 'State' was put in it's place.

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Mar-03-13 10:48 AM

I am not a relative nor a teacher, just a citizen who is interested in facts versus speculation.

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Mar-03-13 11:00 AM

I move to have surgary drinks removed from the list of EBT eligible items! You want to retrict what I can purchase with my hard earned money yet I have to "supply" others with cases and cases of soda, which by the way the deposit for each bottle they purchase is waived yet they are allowed to return each one to collect yet more free money from the tax payers.

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Mar-03-13 11:09 AM

Yukon touched on the main problems of our educational system...funding, and state mandates. We hear hot air from the pols about reducing these mandates, and yet they get worse and more costly. And next year special ed students will be required to pass NYS regents exams! Keep an eye on how the State will do this...probably water the tests down and curve them even more than they are now. Again the problem is too much bureaucratic control at the State level. Returning more control to localities is just another broken promise from our dysfunctional politicians.

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Mar-03-13 12:31 PM

Hey do you remember when the high price of gas was because of the "oil man" in the white house? I wonder who they blame now??? It can't be Obama as he has endorsed the necessarily higher energy prices as a necessary step towards a green tomorrow! No matter what it does to RURAL Americans!

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Mar-03-13 12:32 PM

There is one sure way to eliminate state interference in public school operations. Refuse state aid and tell them to pound salt with their mandates. It would require cuts, consolidation, and your own transportation to get to school. Until that happens, be prepared to dance to the music they choose. As for special education students being required to pass the regents, the regents are already a joke for any student who truly belongs in the program. I wonder if my plumber, who just charged me $125 labor for a 1.5 hour job, was enrolled in the regents program for plumbing. Their curriculum is already watered down.

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Mar-03-13 12:34 PM

GReader: Are you employed by a school or a member of a school board?

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Mar-03-13 1:33 PM

They can take my big gulp when they take my guns...err oops

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