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Hunters need voice

February 11, 2013

In our area, there are hundreds of hunters who have never had a single mishap with their gun. They are law-abiding citizens. Their guns don’t end up used in robberies or murder....

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Feb-16-13 1:15 AM

I still believe that all Lawyers are given a "secret" dictionary upon graduation. The last (4) words in the 2nd Amendment are "shall not be infringed". Being that most politicians and all supreme court judges are lawyers & have the "secret" dictionary, they do not understand that the word "infringed" does not leave any wiggle room for interpretation.

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Feb-13-13 3:46 PM

Okay you're a hunter. Are you an American? You bemoan the only organization that is actually supporting your rights? The liberals are actually dividing the sportsman now by what type of arms they prefer.

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Feb-12-13 9:58 PM

Hey Carl I don't want a machine gun or a tank..BTW you kinda proved my point in your last post..LOL IF you want to get the proper paperwork you CAN get said weapons.. I THINK SO!!!

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Feb-12-13 4:31 PM

taxtired Feb-12-13 3:35 PM Agree | Disagree

Yes ; The military in New York have them. Lets not fogot the police."

Actually NOT true....well the idea that only the Military or Cops own in NY...I know many NYS citizens with FFL Class 3 licenses. I've shot a few of those privately owned C3 weapons...

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Feb-12-13 4:16 PM

Right wing Hypocrisy at it's best:

Gun Enthusiast Ted Nugent Wasn't Anxious To Bear Arms Against Those Pesky Vietcong With the Vietnam War raging, young Ted Nugent was not so anxious to bear arms in defense of his country.

The 64-year-old musician, now a vocal gun advocate and member of the National Rifle Association’s board of directors, avoided toting around an M14 thanks to a series of military deferments that allowed him to dodge the draft, according to Selective Service System records.

Theodore Anthony Nugent first received a high school 1-S deferment in February 1967, when he was 18. After briefly being reclassified as available for service, Nugent got a 2-S college deferment when he enrolled in Oakland Community College in Michigan. In August 1969, Nugent took his draft physical and was rejected for service. He was classified as 1-Y, indicating that he was qualified for service only in time of a national emergency.In interviews, Nugent has provided varying account

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Feb-12-13 3:35 PM

Yes ; The military in New York have them. Lets not fogot the police.

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Feb-12-13 3:28 PM

"taxtired Feb-12-13 2:37 PM Agree | Disagree

full auto has been banned in NEW YORK for years".........

Ummm actually NO....but has been VERY HIGHLY restricted for decades..not banned.

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Feb-12-13 2:37 PM

full auto has been banned in NEW YORK for years

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Feb-12-13 2:35 PM

carl, Any gun is a machine. The differance would be semi-auto or full auto. And a tank, any bulldozer can work.

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Feb-12-13 2:19 PM

"taxtired..Carl , Define a machine gun as you see one. Then define a tank."

Really? A Ma Deuce(M2)is a Machine gun. The Browning 1917..the 1919... A Thompson..the well known TommieGun is a submachine gun(fires pistol rds) Define a must be asking a rhetorical question because nobody would be ignorant of the definition,

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Feb-12-13 2:06 PM

Carl , Define a machine gun as you see one. Then define a tank.

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Feb-12-13 1:43 PM

"gville70...Anyway if you want a machine gun or a tank just fill out the proper paperwork and get federal licence.."

Have YOU, gville70 EVER applied for one of those licenses? Do you have a clue the hoops and restrictions that need to be jumped through? The rectal ripping to get a FFL Class3...I bet you do NOT.

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Feb-12-13 12:34 PM

Dave save your breath..You can't reason with these people..They claim to know the thoughts of long dead folks because they clearly can't connect to live people Same reason they keep bringing up Reagan all the time.. Anyway if you want a machine gun or a tank just fill out the proper paperwork and get federal licence.. Sheesh stop the whining.. If you spent 1/10 the effort getting permission you could be shooting a cannon in your backyard right now

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Feb-12-13 11:44 AM

"DaveGibson..The Constitution is a contract.." Um NO Dave. A contract by definition has a Start and End date and is an agreement between 2 negotiating parties. The Constitution IS a regulatory-restricting document on the authority of the Govt....NOT the citizen, and the process to amend it was made necessarily difficult. You fluff off the Federalist Papers...but they are EXTREMELY pertinent to understand the REASONING of the Founders. The Heller decision is evidence that the prefatory in the 2nd is not bearing on the right "of the people" part of the 2nd.

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Feb-12-13 9:23 AM

Flapper- I have to agree with you butdue to the fact that we have a big bunch of career politicians in congress, they don't really act as they should being our voice either.

Dave- while the Federalist Papers have no legal standing, they were authored by Publius(Hamilton, Madison, and Jay)as arguments (opinions) FOR the proposed Constitution further explaining its intended contents, which makes them very relavent. I suggest you read "The Original Argument"

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Feb-12-13 7:24 AM

The left has always sought to eliminate firearms rights and, they exploited Sandy hook as a catalyst to enact executive powers while disregarding legislative oversight. We have had four years of bypassing the voice of the people to enact the liberal vision. There is a reason Congress isn’t functioning effectively; it is because congress debates issues and the effects of those issues while the left doesn’t want to get bogged down in debate (Pelosi-we can find out what it says when it is a law.). Congress is the molasses in the legislation process and that gives our society stability. Executive powers equal rapid changes which creates uncertainty in society. Tolerance of executive powers by our society is not a favorable characteristic.

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Feb-11-13 11:15 PM

Anna, in the 1980s I was a contract specialist for a computer software company. I excelled in making sure everything was clear and understood. If I had to write letters explaining what I really meant to say in the contract, I'd have been fired.

The Constitution is a contract. It was created by a committee and approved by the states. The Constitution is the ruling document, not letters saying what the intent was supposed to be.

Have the Federalist Papers ever been contested in court? Have they ever been disputed in a court of law? No, of course not, because while they may be interesting, they have no bearing on the legal tenets of the Constitution.

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Feb-11-13 10:37 PM

The Federalist Papers explained where our constitution came from and why. Of course it's not law, but it helps decipher meaning on where our founders came from. I would love to see Obama do the same, honestly. Hunters do not need a voice. Our amendments have spelled it out for us.

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Feb-11-13 9:52 PM

Our founding fathers words may be relevant, but they're not sacrosanct. We've had to amend them to give women and minorities the right to vote, to prohibit discrimination in the workplace, and so on. They were smart enough to provide for the process of amending the Constitution to keep it relevant.

We should honor our forefathers, but not put them on an alter and worship them, and we shouldn't treat writings like the Federalist Papers as some kind of bible.

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Feb-11-13 8:14 PM

Regardless of how any of this turns out, those who will be affected are our children, grandchildren, etc.... How many decades do any of us truly have left to worry about these issues for our own personal reasons?? I have already lived half or more of my life. If America wants to let freedom slip away for our future generations then it will happen, most people these days live for today and do not think about the future. Our FOUNDING FATHERS or as you say "gods" were concerned with the future, this is why their words are still relevant today.

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Feb-11-13 8:05 PM

The federalist papers are not law, nor were the founding fathers gods where disciples cling onto every word. We are a nation of laws, not op-ed pieces.

"I know what the constitution says about militias, but this is what they really meant!" Give me a break. Go before Judge Judy and see how that works out for you.

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Feb-11-13 8:05 PM

... in an effort to make individuals feel in control. Guess what people? Control is merely an illusion!!!

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Feb-11-13 8:04 PM

Not that I'm for these dumb gun laws by any means but, why does anyone think a hunting rifle is going to put up a fight against the technology the government has at it's fingertips? You really think we can put up a resistanceagainst drones, infrared scopes, smart weapons, and military assault rifle (which most are automatic weapons by the way)? They've slowly taken what privacy you have and erroded it in the name of "public safety". It matters not whether you have a 10 round clip or 30 round clip as to how many rounds you could carry or fire if you were well trained. But you can't exactly by a 7 round clip for a gun that only comes with a 7 round clip. It's called backdoor policy making. It's even the way marijuana was initially made illegal. You had to have a tax stamp in which the government didn't sell ( read the book "Reefer Madness" ). This is how terrorists and criminals win. They slowly errode rights and priviledges through a progressive agenda...

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Feb-11-13 6:41 PM

DaveGibson- FYI, the Federalist Papers were written to convince the American citizens to accept and vote for the new Constitution. That makes them relevant. The original reason for what ended up being the Constitutional convention was to make needed changes to the Articles of Confederation. They decided to scrap those in favor of the Constitution. Sen. Lindsey Graham recently stated that we have a constitutional democracy when in fact we have a representative republic. Sad comment from a senator who is also a lawyer

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Feb-11-13 6:09 PM

Scarecrow, it doesn't matter what the founding fathers thought. What matters is the Constitution and the laws that were passed.

Imagine if the Gloversville city council passed local legislation, and then several of the council members wrote letters to the editor about what they really meant. That doesn't fly.

Look, I support the 2nd amendment in that citizens have a legal right to own guns. But to think that citizens can own anything they please is nonsense. There's been gun control laws in place for decades, including registration. How many guns have been confiscated from law abiding citizens?

Just like machine guns and sawed off shotguns, I think reasonable gun control laws are prudent, and should be updated as technology changes.

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