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Wage hike will kill jobs

February 6, 2013

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the state’s current minimum wage is unlivable, citing the costs of gasoline, food, child care and mor....

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Feb-10-13 7:30 AM

All that continue to support this administration will find out the hard way. It's about to come to a head and this state and country are in for a finacial melt down. You can only rob peter to pay paul for just so long before paul has nothing left.

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Feb-09-13 9:06 AM

Without minimum wages being set there would still be business owners exploiting people for a buck an hour or less. We are a land of laws for a reason and businesses expect those to protect them just as much as workers do. Mr. Bob, if profits are the “end all, be all” then by all means tear down the walls of barriers to entry and allow China and Mexico to bring their own labor into America under their own laws to compete in America for "profits". The word “profits” are used as blinders in the business world to justify neglecting as much financial obligation as possible. Profits are great but not ill gotten profits like the ones gotten by cutting wages to legal minimums for the sake of pocketing more profit; I would call that exploitation and theft.

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Feb-08-13 10:42 AM

Btw flapper, here's how it works. When you're forced to pay a wage that does not justify the out-put of the product the price of goods and services also rise. Can you name one private business person who operates to just break even on purpose? Or have you fallen for the idea that profits are evil???? If so, work for nothing and let us know how you make out.

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Feb-08-13 10:36 AM

The minimum wage, as I understand it, was never meant to provide for a family. It was considered 'entry level' until you could prove your worth. Cuomo's idea of progress is to keep the smothering regulations that deter business formation in NYS AND kill off more jobs by raising the minimum wage. Cuomo will be dammed if he lets Calif. be the worse State in the Union by God.

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Feb-07-13 7:04 PM

Good question Pards. But I think what is really needed is for business (big and small)to have more independant contractors. Maybe that way workers will gain an appreciation for thier worth and employers may be forced to recognize an employee's true worth.

As it is now, the average employee does just enough work to not get fired and the average employer pays just enough so his people won't quit. Not a good situation.

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Feb-07-13 9:38 AM

Have any of you actually owned a business or made a payroll? Have the majority of your "wealth" tied up in your business. Your house mortgaged to start your business or keep it going?

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Feb-07-13 7:21 AM

The local economy needs to play a key factor in determining wages and, wages in a high cost of living area like New York need to be appropriately substantial. Currently the state is picking up the slack in low wage jobs. Funny, businesses don’t mind using local high cost to charge a premium for their goods and services but they don’t want to apply that same logic to the wages they pay. There are a few honest businesses that pay fair wages but most don’t. To many business people Suffering to make payrolls while driving their new Benz.

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Feb-06-13 8:26 PM

All I can say Cuomo and this administration are a Joke, they do nothing to save the tax payer but side track you with all these political games they play. Wake up people!!!

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Feb-06-13 6:31 PM

Every time there is a proposal to raise the minimum wage, we get this rhetoric about it will cause the loss of jobs, etc. While I do consider myself somewhat conservative, I recognize that people must be paid a living wage. If this were the case and if every able bodied person did work, we might not have to be concerned as much with the cost of social programs such as food stamps, medicade, and welfare benefits. The business community loves to cry poverty yet so many of them are living in $500,000 homes and/or driving luxury automobiles, and taking expensive vacations. It seems to me that the people who work the hardest, that is manual laborers often get paid the least. There is a lot of corporate greed out there.

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Feb-06-13 2:16 PM

The minimum wage today would have to be $12.25 per hour to have the same purchasing power as the minimum wage had in the early seventies. With the high cost of living, the difference between minimum wage and a living wage is made up in food stamps and social services, provided in part through property taxes. Any potential decrease in property taxes is a positive step.

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Feb-06-13 1:27 PM

Everything you said is true. Wages increase and so do prices. Example: My first job paid $1.25 an hour and gas was 25 cents a gallon! You could buy a roll of toilet paper with a quarter and get change! Coumo isn't as stupid as he wants us to believe though. This would only put minimum workers in a slightly higher income bracket where their taxes will increase. The State and Feds are the only ones reaping any kind of windfall when wages increase.

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Feb-06-13 12:16 PM

The Minimum wage needs to die a slow death. All it does is let people get paid more than they are worth; in essence they get something for nothing. And raising the minimum wage hurts those who are near the minimum. Suddenly instead of being off the bottom they are now on the bottom.

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