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Cheers and jeers

January 19, 2013

CHEERS — To student representation....

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Jan-23-13 8:24 AM

Tot "I don't call people names in this forum", and for discouting the agree and disagrees, you sure refer to them enough

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Jan-21-13 7:15 PM

Skrocki. Where is the proof to your false claim?

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Jan-21-13 7:18 AM

I am truly sorry SENSIBLEtax. It may be crystal clear to you but I fail to see the verifiable information like that of which rschweizer demanded of others that he insinuated was conjecture. I have always let others talk, as that is what we do here, I may call them a liar if they persist as has rschweizer in this situation. But now until he says that he MADE UP HIS FACTS of gives me ONE SINGLE example, then there will be continued questioning that will not end. Just like his continued deride of those that do not site their sources.

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Jan-21-13 12:21 AM

tot, then I don't stand corrected- those things swizzer said are true and there's proof right there. get over it already.

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Jan-20-13 9:03 PM

SENSIBLEtax, unlike him I know who said what I objected to.

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Jan-20-13 9:02 PM

rschweizer Jan-08-13 1:34 AM Agree | Disagree drugsrus, you truly are dumb. No one said coal was inefficient, and yet you go and compare its efficiency to how clean it is. That makes absolutely no sense.

Also, one reason we haven't seen 'new technology' in things like cars is that the oil companies buy the patents to that new technology so no one else can produce it, all the while producing cars that continue to run on old and more expensive technology.

This explains why while technology has made gasoline more efficient, we're still using old crappy gasoline when we could be using who knows what since those little pieces of of intellectual property are off limits.

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Jan-20-13 8:51 PM

TiredOfTax I made that claim, not that swizzer fellow. I usually agree with you on these things you know.

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Jan-20-13 8:40 PM

TiredOfTax what on earth are you talking about? I said Big Oil has bought patents to more efficient technology for cars so that those products can never be produced as is in order to drive up their own profits on early 20th-century technology. And even cited the proof for it. Why choose to continue to ignore that documented fact is perplexing.

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Jan-20-13 8:25 PM

rschweizer. ummm yeah but no. I wasn't in on it until you spouted that line you feebly just tried to whitewash... you still failed to cite a searchable instance of alleged big oil sabotage. You know like those facts you demanded from all others that aren't in your corner hitting the approve button at your every post. You are critical of everyone's post and your loyal agreers love to see you making a fool of yourself... it is the only way that they feel good about themselves is watching you being the smart butt. Keep up with it, you are the entertainment!

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Jan-20-13 3:16 PM

We come to the comment page of a podank newspaper for facts?? Not I.

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Jan-20-13 2:50 PM

daywash123, ToT is was talking about how effective and clean coal power was, what with all that coal gas produced and released into the atmosphere for us to breathe. I argued that the technology for more fuel-efficient cars does exist; however, I stated that the oil companies fight tooth and nail from preventing that technology from ever proliferating, usually by filing lawsuits, buying the parents to that technology, or hammering out contracts that forbid it altogether:

'ChevronTexaco maintained the right to seize all of Cobasys' intellectual property rights'.

Cobasys is a car batter maker.

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Jan-20-13 9:46 AM

Well daywash123 a short time ago rschweizer was out looking to make others seem stupid and he was demanding proof of every post, tell me the source of your facts kind of thing. Then out of the blue he started on about how big oil companies bought up the patents on all of the energy conserving ideas that Americans had just so they could sell gas guzzling cars and trucks. So I asked for an instance of such and got zero. It is my belief that any such idea would be worth trillions and put the patent holder on easy street for life and also make them the savior of the earth. I contend that rschweizer is a lot of energy wasting hot air!

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Jan-20-13 8:42 AM

ToT, please define "green autos". Do you mean the ones that you plug into a coal burning electrical outlet, or the over subsidized government backed pieces of kimchee that will make up, what, 10% of all vehicle sales (by government mandate) soon?

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Jan-20-13 6:21 AM

how do you skip over posts if you are checking for facts?

plus your posts seemed to be the ones lacking actual facts!

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Jan-19-13 11:07 PM

rschweizer, I generally just skip over your posts, except the ones where you demand the facts but forget to give the ones that you owe... like the big oil theft of green autos... still waiting!

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Jan-19-13 4:39 PM

When Mitt started the Jeep controversy arose clearly stated in response that Jeep is starting up production in China specifically for new sales markets in China and Southeast Asia. US production of Jeeps remains right where it is for US and North American sales.

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Jan-19-13 2:32 PM

TiredOfTax, on point as usual. I've said this before, but it bears saying again:

I usually read TiredOfTax purely for the entertainment value.

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Jan-19-13 12:36 PM

JEERS: Mitt said that they would but, Obama said, "I just took a short tour of the plant and watched some of you putting the finishing touches on the Wrangler. Now, as somebody reminded, I need to call it the 'iconic' Wrangler. And that's appropriate because when you think about what Wrangler has always symbolized. It symbolized freedom, adventure, hitting the open road, never looking back." Biden said "It's an absolutely patently false assertion. "It's such an outrageous assertion that one of the few times in my memory, Chrysler, has felt obliged to go public and say there is no truth. They said Jeep has no intention of shifting production of its Jeep models out of North America to China." Fiat chief executive Sergio Marchionne, who is also the boss of Chrysler said the group could produce at least 100,000 Jeeps in China when production starts next year. which is expandable to 200,000,” Marchionne, who is also CEO of Chrysler, adding production could start i

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Jan-19-13 10:09 AM

I am willing to bet that Sen. Charles Schumer had little or nothing at all to do with it... just showed up for the credit and a photo!

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