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Cheers and jeers

January 12, 2013

CHEERS — To a new historian. We will never tire of reminding readers about the importance of historians. They are dedicated to preserving local history, which helps us better understand the present....

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Jan-17-13 8:41 AM

What constitutes overspending? Could it be some of the "matching funds" the government gives out to those who could afford their remodeling and beautification projects without the use of taxpayers money??!! Perhaps taxes would go down if the government wasn't giving more money to people who don't need it...wealthy welfare!

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Jan-14-13 1:25 PM

Cool then look for cuts as the house has stated that there will be no more revenue increases. Time to stop this purge of our tax dollars!

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Jan-14-13 12:12 PM

Ron1960 is correct- the Congress passes spending, and it's specifically the House that passes another legislation authorizing the actual money to be released. That's high school government class if anyone remembers.

The Republicans currently control the House.

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Jan-14-13 8:17 AM

TOT finally admits her source as Google. That should satisfy anyone that disagrees with her "facts"

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Jan-14-13 8:07 AM

I agree with TOT, DiMezza is a bully. Oh wait, this is her forum and I used it to actually address the article. It's has gotton real old, T

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Jan-13-13 9:52 PM

Can we also turn back to the Clinton spending levels? Understand this, spend what you take in minus payments to the last 10 years of wasteful spending. When the debt starts to drop at a sustainable rate then we can talk about future spending. Until then learn to BUDGET. Something that democrats haven't passed in many years.

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Jan-13-13 7:41 PM

tot...didn't you comprehend any of Ron's post??? And when you mention raising taxes, the wealthy elite should be paying what they were during the Clinton years, before the bush jr. fiasco.

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Jan-13-13 3:18 PM

Ron1960, now that makes sense, over 16 billion in debt, a president that berates congress, raises taxes, passes spending bills at every opportunity. Our grandkids children will be paying for OUR mistakes but yeah lets keep spending! As long as we get ours what do we care about the future generations?

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Jan-13-13 2:57 PM

TOT, Why do you just keep blaming the president for all the spending when it is congress passes the spending bills and it is up to them to make sure the billa they created are paid for. Next over spending is not the problem now, we need to start spending and putting people to work bewcause when more people are working that means that more people would be paying more taxes and more revenue for the country. But you and your rich pals just are not intelligent enough to undwestand that. just like what happened here in Fulton Co. we had many profitable buainesses here but then a few began to complain about the smell of the leather industry and other so called problems with it that there is no longer any leaqther industry here, but there were many other businesses that made good money off the people who worked in the leather industry and I did not hear any of thoes family members complain when they were living in nice homes and driving nice cars and getting a good education.

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Jan-13-13 11:30 AM

Tot...copycat,fabricate,throwing eggs, gas??!! Can you grasp the irony of your "factual" rebuttal???

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Jan-13-13 8:19 AM

JEERS to failed attempts to copycat!! laker88, I did a Google search for your topics and came up with nothing, So why fabricate? Google any of my topics and they are backed by articles... usually many of them, yours throws eggs, right on your face! Facts are facts... your ideas are just gas.

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Jan-12-13 9:03 PM

Right on topic as usual tot!...Oh well, I guess I can bring up this...the very day that congress was to vote on repealing oil subsidies, Mitch McConnell wound up with 150K in his campaign war chest from oil donors...followed by a tea party fillibuster...3 days later, it was nixed. If I match your off topic posts, can you catch the sarcasm?

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Jan-12-13 2:53 PM

Democrat honesty... NOT! Embattled St. George businessman Jeremy Johnson says new Utah Attorney General John Swallow helped broker a deal in 2010 in which Johnson believed he was to pay Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid $600,000 to make a federal investigation into Johnson’s company go away.

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Jan-12-13 8:31 AM

JEERS to overspending and an unwillingness to compromise! If $16 trillion of national debt and the huge deficits each year aren't spending problems, then what is? The United States most certainly has a spending problem. For the president to insist otherwise is dumbfounding but at the same time entirely consistent with his policies. He called for the Simpson-Bowles Commission on deficit reduction, but ignored their recommendations. He campaigned ad nauseam about the need for a balanced approach to deficit reduction, but the latest fiscal cliff deal is almost entirely tax hikes and even includes more stimulus spending. The only spending cuts he agreed to, the sequestration cuts, he had announced during one of the presidential debates "will not happen."

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Jan-12-13 8:31 AM

Good call with the Christmas trees. Maybe next year people can do this in their homes and dedicate their trees after the holidays. The person who came up with this idea should be publicly acknowledged. Does anyone here know whose idea this was?

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Jan-12-13 7:56 AM

Is this the Tom DiMezza who is the Treasurer for the Village of Fultonville? His wife is the deputy treasurer?? Tell me that isn't a bad set up for checks and balances when a husband and wife keep books together. Does anyone on the Village board see an issue with this? WOW!!!

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Jan-12-13 1:28 AM

He even got recordings of the clips from the radio station. That's how paranoid he is that someone dare stand up to him.

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Jan-12-13 1:27 AM

Aw, poor little bully Tom DiMezza was angered by someone less than twice his age and so now he's whining. I heard those comments and they weren't offensive in the slightest, and certainly nothing a retired police lieutenant of 30 years wouldn't be able to handle.

DiMezza seems just mad because he doesn't like anyone in the way of his steamrolling his pet projects through the board, such as selling county insurance through a 'board' he PERSONALLY sat on, to an agency where his friend is the broker.

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