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Getting to root of Peter Conrad murder case

February 9, 2015 “Give us more murder stories,” cry Leader- Herald readers whenever we meet, and I’m happy to report that several more old-time, fatal anger mismanagement cases are already written. more »»

Sacandaga Park had a winter ‘bear-ometer’

January 26, 2015 I’ve not been able to ascertain just how early in Sacandaga Park’s history a resident bear was part of the scene, but there was definitely a bruin named Dan on the grounds as early as 1900 and... more »»

Two tragedies almost wiped out two local families

December 29, 2014 In the annals of local tragedies, few scenarios take precedence over those in which entire families are wiped out, and while one of the events chronicled here did leave a few survivors, the grim... more »»

Scrapbook photos help preserve rail’s history

December 1, 2014 Near the end of World War II, Eber and Martin Davis, young Gloversville brothers of 364 N. Main St., were both interested in our local Fonda, Johnstown and Gloversville Railroad. more »»

Killers apprehended in 1934 in Fulton County

November 17, 2014 As summer 1934 arrived in Fulton County, it brought not only the usual oppressive heat, but also the nagging, unanswered question regarding who the two men were who murdered Gregory Johnson. more »»

Murder of Gregory Johnson shocked area

November 3, 2014 It is unlikely a more sensational local event occurred during the entire 1930s decade, or commanded as many columns of newsprint, as did the unfortunate, senseless murder on the evening of April 5,... more »»

First autos arrived in Fulton County in 1899

October 20, 2014 When someone recently asked who owned the first automobiles in Fulton and Montgomery counties, I replied I didn’t know but would look into it. It was a good question that hadn’t occurred to me before. more »»

Northville ‘White Cap’ incident ended in death

October 6, 2014 When someone mentions “white caps,” almost everyone thinks of the whitish sea foam topping ocean waves, but during the late 19th century, shadowy northern-state vigilante bands known as “White Caps”... more »»

Sacandaga drowning victim was never found

September 22, 2014 One of the earliest drownings taking place in the new Sacandaga Reservoir and also one of the more sensational ones occurred on Labor Day, Sept. 8, 1931, when New York City attorney Howard E. more »»

Capron had motherly role at Mountain Lake

September 8, 2014 In our recent article about the Mountain Lake Hotel, mention was made that when this building caught fire, young men from the nearby Adelphi Club’s summer clubhouse rushed over to help. more »»

Labor Day weekend events tied to local history

August 25, 2014 We generally believe history is composed of events occurring long ago, but two present-day Fulton County organizations will be creating fresh history this Labor Day weekend. more »»

Did Mountain Lake truly rival Sacandaga Park?

August 11, 2014 Recently a reader asked if Mountain Lake and its amusement pavilion ever seriously rivaled Sacandaga Park. more »»

Area’s woman balloonist was adventurous

July 28, 2014 In May 1972, Rome’s Fort Stanwix Historic Site director sponsored a modern balloon ascension event. more »»

‘Aeronaut’ thrilled onlookers at Sacandaga Park

July 14, 2014 Postcard collectors have albums showing images of what our cities and valley looked like a century ago. more »»

Sacandaga park was popular July 4 venue

June 30, 2014 In 1904, the average new home cost $5,350, about $135,693 in today’s inflated economy. An average automobile cost $68. more »»

West Perth Speedway predated Fonda track

June 16, 2014 On late spring evenings, when people living north of Fonda begin hearing the old familiar sounds of droning, high-performance engines assaulting their ear drums from the valley below, they know ... more »»

Son-in-law took over after Johnson’s death

June 2, 2014 Sir William Johnson died July 11, 1774, at his seat of power, Johnson Hall, having expended his remaining strength orating in the hot sun for several hours during an important Indian conferenc. more »»

Frothingham’s treasures went to museum

May 19, 2014 Who was Robert Frothingham and why write about him? Robert made his fortune pioneering in magazine editing and advertising, founding a company producing circus and World War I propaganda posters,... more »»

Gloversville statues honor Littauer, others

April 25, 2014 We drive past them frequently, one located downtown in front of old Estee high, the others at Kingsboro Park, but how often have we taken any real notice of Gloversville’s prominent statues and the... more »»



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