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Broadway musicals: a Jewish legacy

March 22, 2015 Herman surprised me by recording a wonderful PBS TV show for me about the history of musical theater and the Jewish influence on Broadway. The show was called “Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy. more »»

Sipping, puffing down the road

March 15, 2015 This past Monday, a technician named Ken came to our house to adapt my power chair, which is equipped with a “sip-and-puff” control so I can now control all aspects of the chair. more »»

Book brings back memories of home

March 8, 2015 My hometown is Cleveland and the last place I lived there was adjacent to Pepper Pike, which is the first title in a series of private-eye mysteries based in Cleveland by Les Roberts. more »»

Broken down in a small town

March 1, 2015 It was Feb. 20 and I was scheduled to see my neurologist at Albany Medical Center. Herman had strong misgivings about going due to the cold weather. more »»

Grocery shopping from store to store

February 22, 2015 Going to the grocery store in both Los Angeles and New York City involved compiling a list and going to my favorite stores for certain foods. more »»

Tipping is not a city in China

February 15, 2015 Tipping is not a city in China. I’ve used this phrase for many years, and let me tell you why. When I was bartending and waitressing, about 70 percent of my pay came from tips compared to hourly wage. more »»

Book shares story of hospice dog

February 8, 2015 Dear readers, you might remember me speaking about author Jon Katz, about whom I wrote several years ago. His book “A Dog Year” was made into an HBO TV movie starring Jeff Bridges as Katz in 2008. more »»

‘Parenthood’ ends run on NBC

February 1, 2015 I’ve been watching this show called “Parenthood” the last several years. I have been watching it faithfully since its inception six years ago. It is a family drama revolving around the Braverman clan. more »»

Ice fishing great entertainment on lake

January 25, 2015 The ice fishermen were out on the lake last weekend in force. They were even driving their trucks out there on the ice, something Herman and I say we would ever do. more »»

Local tailor gives the right fit

January 18, 2015 When I was in New York City and then Los Angeles, it was always very important to have my clothes fit properly for any audition that might come up. Now, here’s the deal. more »»

Cats in boxes, from LA to NYC

January 11, 2015 For as many years as I have had cats, no matter where I lived, whether Cleveland, New York City or Los Angeles, any cat I had always had a fascination with cardboard boxes. more »»

Watching ‘Mozart in the Jungle’

January 4, 2015 Herman told me about a show that premiered Dec. 23 on called “Mozart in the Jungle.” I have watched the pilot and the next three episodes. more »»

Counting blessings at end of year

December 28, 2014 Since this is my last column for 2014, I wanted to reflect on a few things. Being rich and famous in New York City and Los Angeles was something I once thought I wante. more »»

Publishing in the digital age

December 21, 2014 When I first started writing my column in spring 1995, I composed on a word processor (remember those?) and faxed the copy to the newspaper, where they had to retype it into the computer. more »»

Remembering TV’s good old days

December 14, 2014 I was up at 2 a.m. recently, wakeful as I often am, when classic TV shows and their theme songs started popping into my head. The songs were so infectious that Herman started to chime in, too. more »»

Turkeys stir up holiday memories

December 7, 2014 Just the other day, my aide and Herman looked out the back window and noticed a family of wild turkeys walking toward the wood. more »»

Adirondacks’ ever-changing weather

November 30, 2014 After temperatures in the teens and a record snowfall in Buffalo, I was happy to see the snow melt with rising temperatures and no wind Nov. more »»

Old dances worth remembering

November 23, 2014 I was looking out the window at the first measurable snow we got here last week, and I said to my aide Christina, “I can’t even imagine it being summer again. more »»

Hallmark movies are good viewing

November 16, 2014 I’ve started watching the Hallmark Channel movies lately and I’ve become addicted. Herman says they’re cheesy “chick flicks,” but I disagree. more »»

New dog arrives on block

November 9, 2014 Do you guys remember me writing to you a little more than a year ago about our “block dog?” At the time, I referred to my favorite singer David Wilcox’s song “The Block Dog,” and how we in Caroga... more »»



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