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When expedience feels like wisdom

November 26, 2015 By LEONARD PITTS JR. “Let's stop worrying about people's rights." Sadly there are dozens of junctures in American history from which that shameful quote might spring. more »»

Which party will emerge?

November 26, 2015 By MICHAEL BARONE Each of our two political parties, ancient by world standards, seems to be facing a gathering stor. more »»

Pair deserve punishment

November 25, 2015 Two high-ranking Department of Veterans Affairs officials bullied managers lower on the bureaucratic totem pole into accepting job transfers so they could take the vacated jobs — with less work but... more »»

Cap serves good purpose

November 24, 2015 The Fulton County Board of Supervisors recently passed a resolution asking New York state to enact regulatory relief and financial assistance to help communities comply with the state’s tax cap. more »»

Coordinate airstrikes

November 23, 2015 Leaders of both France and Russia want a military alliance against Islamic State terrorists. But thus far, it appears air strikes against IS targets in Syria by those two nations and U.S. more »»

Better choice possible

November 22, 2015 The Johnstown Common Council made an odd choice recently when it appointed the next city attorney. It picked someone who cannot do all of the job. more »»

Cheers and jeers

November 21, 2015 CHEERS — To a festive spirit in Gloversville. The city has done a nice job getting ready for the holiday season this year. more »»

One vote does matter

November 20, 2015 Every election season, it’s common for all of us to hear a cynic opine that “one vote doesn’t matter. more »»

Don’t wait for attack

November 19, 2015 French President Francois Hollande is absolutely correct: Civilized nations, even those with long, sometimes bitter records of rivalry, must unite if we are to destroy Islamic terroris. more »»

Questionable intelligence

November 18, 2015 Are U.S. intelligence agencies any better at “connecting the dots” regarding Islamic terrorists than they were before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on America? Let us hope so. more »»

Eliminate tax increase

November 17, 2015 The Fulton County Board of Supervisors recently voted to accept an $88.5 million tentative 2016 county budget, which increased spending by about $1 million over 2015 and included a 1. more »»

Tolerate free speech

November 16, 2015 Many people are annoyed from time to time with journalists. We are viewed as too nosy, sometimes insensitive and occasionally biased. more »»

Let voters have a say

November 15, 2015 The city of Johnstown should try to let voters decide on the merits of each item in the recently defeated proposition to change the city charte. more »»

Cheers and jeers

November 14, 2015 CHEERS — To the cleanup crew. Kids’ efforts make a difference in our communities. One shining example is the recent community cleanup effort by the Gloversville Middle School Builders Club. more »»

Vote in favor of capital plan

November 13, 2015 People who want to strike a blow against high taxes and out-of-control state spending by voting against the Gloversville Enlarged School District’s capital project would be cutting off their nose to... more »»

Obama wrong on pipeline

November 12, 2015 It was bad enough when President Barack Obama used the proposed Keystone XL pipeline for domestic political reasons, to placate his radical environmentalist base. more »»

Show support for veterans

November 11, 2015 About 890,000 veterans live in New York state, and nearly three-quarters of them served during wartime, according to a recent report by state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli. more »»

Get state its fair share

November 10, 2015 While it is hardly surprising that New York state pays more in taxes to the federal government than it gets back in federal spending, a recent report by state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli still... more »»

Monitor media time

November 9, 2015 Many people still remember a time when it was the number of hours children spent in front of “the boob tube” that was worrisome. Technology has made that an old-fashioned concern. more »»

Officials must communicate

November 8, 2015 City of Johnstown officials and the Johnstown Water Board must do a better job of communicating with each other in 201. more »»



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