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Keep eye on savings

March 23, 2014 It will be a relief for many taxpayers to see a reduction in their property tax bill. more »»

Cheers and jeers

March 22, 2014 CHEERS — To celebrating history. The city of Johnstown, which has a rich history, will be the site of several history-themed events this yea. more »»

U.S. lags on drone use

March 21, 2014 There are all sorts of possibilities for using unmanned drone aircraft to make our lives better. No pun intended, but the sky’s the limit. Except in the United States. more »»

Senate must approve bill

March 20, 2014 Taxpayers should know how much government employees are receiving for their pensions. However, a court decision in 2011 ruled that public employee pension data could remain secret. more »»

Gov’t secrecy keeps growing

March 19, 2014 When President Barack Obama took office, he promised Americans the most transparent administration in history. Just the opposite has occurred. more »»

Public has right to know

March 18, 2014 Last week, we saw yet another example locally of how officials can obstruct the public’s right to know significant information. more »»

Violence can be prevented

March 17, 2014 How did Adam Lanza go from being “just a normal little weird kid,” in his father’s words, to someone who “couldn’t get any more evil”? Peter Lanza made the comments in a magazine story about his son... more »»

City must get work done

March 16, 2014 Here we go again. It seems the Gloversville government is doomed to look like the federal government: Endless grandstanding with little work actually being done. more »»

Cheers and jeers

March 15, 2014 CHEERS — To positive energy. Montgomery County Executive Matt Ossenfort and others of his generation need to be listened to, not just heard, but listened to. There is a big difference. more »»

Confusing coup policy

March 14, 2014 No wonder so many foreign leaders are reluctant to go along with U.S. policy initiatives. more »»

Rail proposals need a look

March 13, 2014 While high-speed passenger train service is not on track in the area yet, it may be soon. more »»

Good luck with insurance

March 12, 2014 March 31 may be a significant — and very expensive — date in your life. Don’t know why? That is not unusual. Tens of millions of Americans do not, according to public opinion polls. more »»

Overtime change OK

March 11, 2014 The Johnstown Town Board recently voted to limit overtime pay, paid at time and a half, for its employees to only situations when employees actually work more than 40 hours in a given wee. more »»

Duplication unnecessary

March 10, 2014 Investigators with the Government Accountability Office tell us approximately $1.4 billion was spent by the government on autism research between 2008 and 2012. That is the good news. more »»

Meal rules bittersweet

March 9, 2014 School districts can offer healthier food, but that doesn’t mean students will eat it. more »»

Cheers and jeers

March 8, 2014 CHEERS — To accountability. In quick action by the administration of Fulton-Montgomery Community College, students were told anyone smoking in their rooms would be dismissed from the college. more »»

Closing parks hurt areas

March 7, 2014 In all likelihood, an Interior Department report this week was intended by President Barack Obama as another slap at conservatives in Congress. more »»

Drug issue a serious one

March 6, 2014 A school is no place for drugs. We think everyone would agree with that. Similarly, those who are found to have illegal drugs should not be working as educators. more »»

Wily Putin bests Obama

March 5, 2014 U.S. officials’ blustery but empty reaction to Russian intervention in Ukraine sums up failures in foreign policy by President Barack Obama and his administratio. more »»

Help others before illegals

March 4, 2014 Gov. Andrew Cuomo has indicated that if the New York State Senate passes the Dream Act, he will sign the legislation into law. We urge him to reconsider that choice. more »»



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