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Kathryn's Korner

No longer new kids on block

October 19, 2014 It was 13 years ago when Herman and I drove by a beach-front, vacant lot that was overgrown with brush and trees on East Shore Road in West Caroga. I said to Herman, “We gotta buy this lo. more »»

Returning Home

Gloversville has seen many changes over the years

October 10, 2014 Gloversville residents who knew my family often confuse me with my brother. Sebastian Vittucci, my younger brother, is a famous opera singer, voice coach and university professor in Vienna, Austria. more »»

Managing Money

Child's Play

Father, daughter weren’t eager to let go of summer

October 17, 2014 As we walked home from Darling Field in Gloversville last month, before the onset of fall, my daughter and I yelled at the tree. more »»

Wellness Words

Clergy Corner

Anita a la Carte

Design Matters

Design is all around us

April 6, 2014 OK, with a show of hands, how many of you have ever tried to design something, anything at all? Ah, don’t be modest; there is no reason to be ashamed. Come on, you do it; you know you do i. more »»

Fulton Montgomery Chamber

Cooperation needed for regional success

June 1, 2014 For this column, I would like to focus on the importance of cooperation and collaboration when it comes to moving our region forward in a positive way. more »»

Voices of the Community

Association offers housing initiative

June 6, 2014 The Supported Housing Initiative is one of the many programs of the Mental Health Association in Fulton and Montgomery Counties. more »»

Step Into the Past

Fulton County felt effects of D-Day invasion

June 9, 2014 The 70th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy during World War II was Friday, June 6. more »»

Voices of the Community

Steps can be taken to prevent infection

June 13, 2014 The human papillomavirus infection, or HPV, is the most common sexually transmitted infection that can lead to serious health problems such as genital warts, warts in the throat, cervical cancer in... more »»

Fulton Montgomery Chamber

For vacation time, consider local attractions

June 15, 2014 Over the weekend of June 7 and 8, I attended the National Trails Days events in Northville, and what a great experience that was. more »»

Our Old Times

West Perth Speedway predated Fonda track

June 16, 2014 On late spring evenings, when people living north of Fonda begin hearing the old familiar sounds of droning, high-performance engines assaulting their ear drums from the valley below, they know ... more »»

Step Into the Past

Healey’s Park in Perth was popular destination

June 23, 2014 A Saturday morning in the summer of 1924 dawns warm and muggy in Fulton County, promising an uncomfortably humid day ahead. more »»

Voices of the Community

Vaccines proven effective

June 26, 2014 In the U.S., vaccines have greatly reduced or eliminated many infectious diseases that once routinely killed or harmed many infants, children, and adult. more »»

Fulton Montgomery Chamber

Chamber supports casino proposal

June 29, 2014 By now I’m sure everyone has heard a lot about the proposal to develop a resort-casino at Exit 27 in Amsterdam — a project that we can refer to as “Destination 27. more »»

Our Old Times

Sacandaga park was popular July 4 venue

June 30, 2014 In 1904, the average new home cost $5,350, about $135,693 in today’s inflated economy. An average automobile cost $68. more »»

Step Into the Past

Love affair led to Johnstown murder attempt

July 7, 2014 It was just after 8 p.m. on July 2, 1885, when a Johnstown man came barreling into the city, horse’s hooves pounding furiously as he reached his destination. more »»

Voices of the Community

Donors step up United Way contributions

July 11, 2014 As we celebrate and begin to wind down another campaign year for United Way during what continues as the most economically challenging times our area and nation has seen in more than 30 years, I wan... more »»

Fulton Montgomery Chamber

Don’t wait to November to evaluate candidates

July 13, 2014 It was barely into the month of June when I am sure that most of you noticed, as I did, that campaign commercials were already slowly starting to show up on television, radio and in other media... more »»

Our Old Times

‘Aeronaut’ thrilled onlookers at Sacandaga Park

July 14, 2014 Postcard collectors have albums showing images of what our cities and valley looked like a century ago. more »»

Voices of the Community

Program helping to create pipeline of skilled workers

July 15, 2014 Raise the minimum wage. Did that catch your attention? One of the most controversial topics this past year has been the debate over raising the minimum wage. more »»

Step Into the Past

Nine Corner Lake tale important to county

July 21, 2014 If you take a visit to Nine Corner Lake in the town of Caroga on any given summer day, you’ll find a popular hiking and swimming spot for Fulton County residents and visitors alike. more »»

Voices of the Community

Daycare center focuses on creativity, family

July 25, 2014 The Mental Health Association in Fulton and Montgomery Counties is very thankful to the Leader-Herald for allowing our agency to highlight monthly one of the many programs and services we offe. more »»

Our Old Times

Area’s woman balloonist was adventurous

July 28, 2014 In May 1972, Rome’s Fort Stanwix Historic Site director sponsored a modern balloon ascension event. more »»

Fulton Montgomery Chamber

Everyone can help promote local region

August 3, 2014 In early July, I was at a local meeting and was speaking to an out-of-state consultant when she mentioned to me that as she was driving to our region from the Albany airport, she heard a Fulton... more »»

Step Into the Past

Tryon name connected to former N.Y. governor

August 4, 2014 Many of you are familiar with the name Tryon. You probably have seen it when reading about the formerly state-owned Tryon Boys and Girls Center, now under county ownership. more »»

Our Old Times

Did Mountain Lake truly rival Sacandaga Park?

August 11, 2014 Recently a reader asked if Mountain Lake and its amusement pavilion ever seriously rivaled Sacandaga Park. more »»

Fulton Montgomery Chamber

Local region within range of many options

August 17, 2014 It’s been a while since I’ve been able to take a vacation outside of Fulton and Montgomery counties to experience the hospitality of other regions. more »»

Step Into the Past

Tryon involved in plot to kidnap Washington

August 18, 2014 This is the second part of a two-part article on William Tryon. Part one can be found in the Aug. 4 edition of The Leader-Herald. more »»

Our Old Times

Labor Day weekend events tied to local history

August 25, 2014 We generally believe history is composed of events occurring long ago, but two present-day Fulton County organizations will be creating fresh history this Labor Day weekend. more »»

Voices of the Community

Spirit Committee raises morale at MHA

August 28, 2014 The Mental Health Association in Fulton & Montgomery Counties has many staff members who are involved in the agency’s Spirit Committee. more »»

Fulton Montgomery Chamber

Don’t overlook the ways a chamber can help

August 31, 2014 The vision chamber of the Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce reads as follows: We are the leading voice of business in the region, providing advocacy, resources and solutions for our... more »»

Step Into the Past

Pop up museums boost connections in communities

September 1, 2014 On Aug. 23, Fulton County saw its first-ever pop up museum at the Gloversville Farmers’ Market. more »»

Our Old Times

Capron had motherly role at Mountain Lake

September 8, 2014 In our recent article about the Mountain Lake Hotel, mention was made that when this building caught fire, young men from the nearby Adelphi Club’s summer clubhouse rushed over to help. more »»

Fulton Montgomery Chamber

The next wave of health care reform

September 14, 2014 The Affordable Care Act, which has become known as Obamacare, has had wide sweeping impacts on individuals and both large and small businesses. more »»

Step Into the Past

Bloomer Girls battled on Parkhurst Field in 1914

September 15, 2014 It’s safe to say that almost every American knows the song “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” even if they’re not a baseball fan. Or, at least, we think we know it. more »»

Voices of the Community

Inventory of shovel-ready sites to get boost from plan

September 18, 2014 In order for Fulton and Montgomery counties to attract new businesses to the region, a strong inventory of different sized shovel-ready sites is needed that can accommodate various business needs. more »»

Our Old Times

Sacandaga drowning victim was never found

September 22, 2014 One of the earliest drownings taking place in the new Sacandaga Reservoir and also one of the more sensational ones occurred on Labor Day, Sept. 8, 1931, when New York City attorney Howard E. more »»

Fulton Montgomery Chamber

New CRG president the right choice for region

September 28, 2014 This past week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a press conference and “meet and greet” event for Mr. Ronald Peters, the new president and CEO of the Fulton County Center for Regional Growth. more »»

Step Into the Past

Right to vote was debated locally

September 29, 2014 This past Tuesday, the 23rd, was National Voter Registration Day. more »»

Our Old Times

Northville ‘White Cap’ incident ended in death

October 6, 2014 When someone mentions “white caps,” almost everyone thinks of the whitish sea foam topping ocean waves, but during the late 19th century, shadowy northern-state vigilante bands known as “White Caps”... more »»

Voices of the Community

Friends of Gloversville Library celebrate 40 years

October 7, 2014 Where has the time gone? It is hard to believe, but this year, 2014, the Friends of the Gloversville Library will turn 40. more »»

Fulton Montgomery Chamber

Regional Business Plan progress being made

October 12, 2014 The topic I will address in today’s column may be already familiar to some of you, but I think it relevant enough to keep it in the headlines. more »»

Step Into the Past

Downtown Gloversville rose from the ashes

October 13, 2014 If you happen to take a stroll along Main Street in Gloversville and find yourself between Church and Middle streets, take a look up at the buildings on the west side of the street, across from the... more »»

Our Old Times

First autos arrived in Fulton County in 1899

October 20, 2014 When someone recently asked who owned the first automobiles in Fulton and Montgomery counties, I replied I didn’t know but would look into it. It was a good question that hadn’t occurred to me before. more »»

Voices of the Community

Economic ripple effect can benefit entire region

October 21, 2014 When we talk about economic development, it is common for the general public to talk about the jobs created by a company moving into the region (or expanding) and the tax base that it creates. more »»



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Arts grants opportunities for 2014

October 8, 2013 Saratoga Arts has announced the following information about its 2014 grant program in Fulton and Montgomery counties: Fulton-Montgomery Arts Grants (F-MAG) provides funding for arts & cultura... more »

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