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Immorality a corrupt seed

September 10, 2015 Declining morals are causing social upheaval in America. Americans are becoming a divided people. more »»

Water Board working

August 25, 2015 In an effort to dispel some of the misinformation that has been in the media over the past months concerning the Johnstown Charter Review Commission and the dissolvent of the Johnstown Water Board,... more »»

Road study misleads residents

August 18, 2015 Recent news of the Fonda Connector Study and the announcement of the meeting this Wednesday at Fulton-Montgomery Community College have been on radio station WENT 1340-AM. more »»

Lexington helps parents with ‘heartbreaking service’

June 29, 2015 M. Scott Peck, a famous psychiatrist and bestselling author, gave the best description of parenting I have ever heard. He said that parenting was “a lifetime of heartbreaking service. more »»

Testing what really counts

June 17, 2015 For months, “opting out” has been the torch and pitchfork tirade echoing around schools in my region. In their quest to show Gov. more »»

Programs help veterans

June 16, 2015 I think we can all agree that the words “veteran” and “homeless” should never be used in the same sentence. more »»

The Bush who got it right

June 13, 2015 Long before he, as President George W. more »»

Our long path to limited gov’t

June 13, 2015 Americans should light 800 candles for the birthday of the document that began paving the meandering path to limited government. more »»

In Turkey and Mexico, voters strengthen democracy

June 13, 2015 BY MICHAEL BARONE Another election, another surprise. Actually, two elections, in two countries recently, with surprisingly pleasant surprises. more »»

Related to hope

June 12, 2015 The first time I met Marcia Grace, she adopted me as her project. She was 5 at the time. more »»

Lies the government tells you

June 12, 2015 Last week, Republicans and Democrats in Congress joined President Barack Obama in congratulating themselves for taming the National Security Agency's voracious appetite for spying. more »»

The right caves on social issues, then loses

June 12, 2015 By BEN SHAPIRO This week, a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll showed a significant drop in the number of Americans identifying as conservative, and a significant rise in the number of Americans... more »»

Lower tuition necessary

June 4, 2015 Earlier this year, President Obama introduced a plan "to make community college as free and universal as high school. more »»

It’s the economy, stupid

May 23, 2015 Seldom mentioned by any in authority is the real source of value, dollars and products. There is only one source, and it has been that way since the beginning — Mother Nature. more »»

Obscenity not free speech

April 22, 2015 In the March issue of Decision Magazine was the feature story, “I am not Charlie.” Charlie Hebdo is a satirical publication located in Paris, France. more »»

St. Mary’s dropping proposal

February 5, 2015 Much has been written over the past couple of weeks about the possibility of St. Mary’s acquiring the NBT Bank building in Gloversville. more »»

Criminals are not protesters

December 19, 2014 I am not certain what happened in the Staten Island incident that resulted in the death of Eric Garner at the hands of police officers, or in the Ferguson, Mo. more »»

Voters want change

November 14, 2014 This country just had a midterm election, which is traditionally seen as delivering unimpressive turnouts and phlegmatic voter participatio. more »»

Metastatic cancer in focus

October 19, 2014 I took on the position of executive director at Susan G. Komen Northeastern New York in July. more »»

Some in chains for faith

September 20, 2014 Life has its twists and turns, its bends and forks in the road. Circumstances change. People change. An employee must plan for the unforeseeable ahead of a corporation downsizing. more »»

Know your rights

September 15, 2014 Right: a moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way. more »»



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