Get involved in your communities

Coming from a small county doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do, just that maybe Fulton and Montgomery county residents should get out more often.

Getting involved with the community through volunteer work, attending local events and workshops, or just visiting the local businesses in both counties can not only help promote local business, but also help residents become more involved with their cities, towns and villages.

Doing so can stop the spread of misinformation about our towns and can reduce the number of heated arguments between residents.

The world today is filled with comfort zones. Falling into those zones and failing to get out of them is an easy way to forget there are other options and groups out there to get involved with.

Here are a few ideas to get you out of your comfort zone:

∫ Have you tried the Village Skillets at the Broadalbin Cafe in the village? Known as one of the most popular breakfast items on the menu, people can either enjoy a regular Skillet, or the Irish Skillet. The meal is made up of corn beef hash, a heap of home fries or hash browns, two eggs and topped with a cheese sauce with a side of toast. The Irish Skillet is along the same lines, but Canadian Bacon is added.

∫ As a gateway to the Adirondacks, the image of Northville is important to locals and tourists. Get involved in creating the vision for Northville as it hosts monthly Community Collaboration Council Meetings, usually the third Wednesday of the month. (Be sure to check out its Facebook page for updates on the meetngs at VisitNorthvilleNY.

A hot topic for them right now is creating a new logo and tagline for the town of Northhampton and the village of Northville. An idea for each has already been proposed, but area residents can get involved to ensure it captures the true essence of the town and the Adirondacks. The meetings are held at the Bratt Municipal Building at 412 S. Main St.

∫ On cold chilly days, staying home is a favorite. But before settling in, visit one of the local libraries to check out a book to read during the day. If visiting a full library isn’t your thing, there are two local Free Little Libraries that residents can visit as well. Little Free Libraries are mini libraries set up in front of houses, in local buildings or posted at a popular stop.

You can find two Little Free libraries in the area: one on Route11 in Caroga Lake, and another on 1170 County Highway 110 in Broadalbin.

If interested in visiting them, go online to see a map posting the exact locations of these two libraries, and any other Little Free libraries around the world.