Voters want change

This country just had a midterm election, which is traditionally seen as delivering unimpressive turnouts and phlegmatic voter participation. On a national level, the election is beginning to be seen as a mandate to the Republicans elected to forge ahead and battle the incumbent Democrats to prevent further decline on this great republic.

That same case in the majority of election districts in New York state may also be true. Many districts upstate recorded record or near record turnouts to vote against the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013 and the dictatorial operation of state government by the sitting governor and his invitation for conservatives to leave the state. These districts are all upstate with the exception of those districts in Suffolk and Nassau on Long Island. Most voted overwhelmingly for candidate Rob Astorino and his running mate, Chris Moss. They won 46 of 57 counties.

The sad truth is these earnest upstate voters who support the Constitution of the United States and particularly the First and Second Amendments were outvoted by the “low information” residents of the five counties of metropolitan New York City.

What the voting citizens of this upstate area did was vote into office a predominant majority of Republican officeholders on both the federal and the state levels that represent the hearts and ideals of these residents and voters. I believe it was a mandate to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and the constitution of the state of New York.

The New York State Republican Senate was not elected to compromise with Gov.?Andrew Cuomo; it was voted into office to fight against his plans to strangle this state with laws, edicts and counter Cuomo’s tax-and-spend actions, such as the school bond proposition. That proposition, a Cuomo favorite, was approved by the low-information voters. This proposition will allow the state to bond for up to $2 billion for high-tech equipment for schools and additional space for kindergarten classrooms. Kindergarten classes are continually shifting from low to high enrollment, so paying for new space is a questionable choice. The high-tech equipment will be obsolete in five years or less and the bond issue will still be paid for more than 25 years. That is paying for a dead horse.

Unfortunately, the large number of voters in New York City clobbered the Republican effort for sincere, honest government in favor of the tactics of Gov. Cuomo, who bullies and lies to the public and the Legislature about his agenda for socialist control of the very citizens he claims to represent. His SAFE Act is not about safety; it is about control and his ego. It has not produced one positive action to protect the public safety. Let us repeal the SAFE Act. His action to promote the state to offer public assistance in seven different languages is a real money waster. Why do we need to print every public document in seven languages and offer translators for every public office? Let’s make English the official language of New York.

Does New York state need seven new casinos when casinos are failing all around us in New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania? Is this another Cuomo ego trip?

On the federal level, the voting also indicated voter disgust with the sitting president by electing a Republican majority for both the House of Representatives and Senate.

The recent elections served to point out the informed voting public are well in tune with goings on in the nation and world and they are tired of the Democratic lies and demagoguery. They want this nation to return to its great roots of power and prestige, reduce the national debt and lead the world as an example of freedom and liberty. That is why the vast majority of this country turned to the Republican Party and those candidates supported by the Tea Party Patriots for clear and justified support of the Constitution of the United States of America.

This election was not about compromising with the misleading Democrats in office, but challenging the misleading administration for its IRS, Department of Justice (Eric Holder), lack of immigration control, promoting gun control, rampant wasting of our tax dollars on welfare and illegal immigrant support, and other anti-Constitutional activities.

Gray Pitkin is a resident of Gloversville.