Timothy Rizzo letter had intentional deceit

In response to Councilman Rizzo’s Year in Review, it would be negligent not to point out the intentional deceit.

Mr. Rizzo states the town breached a contract by mowing roads that town residents live on three times. Only two roads were mowed three times because of deer.

Mr.Rizzo states the public was informed that there would be no truck purchases for two years. There was no agreement amongst board members with his statement.

Mr. Rizzo states employees were hired without notice in the paper. The town employees hired were hired by the department heads as stated in town policy. No matter how many notices go in the paper, the hiring is the decision of the department head.

Mr. Rizzo read the Aspen Hills contract and decided that the language affirms guilt on the city of Johnstown. It would be nice if he also could point to some proof besides just assuming a party is guilty and liable. The town would be glad to recover the $60,000 in leaked water. We just can’t do it without proof of a guilty party.

Mr. Rizzo states our current election process for highway superintendent is inadequate. The next candidate running for that office will have almost 30 years of experience. There is nothing to say that the process Mr. Rizzo wants implemented could not become political through friendly board members appointing their unqualified friends.

Mr. Rizzo states Hales Mills has been dropped by the side. No, there is vigorous involvement including the county pitching in to run water and sewer at no cost to the town. Beyond that, the county has become the finance instrument for the town to see that project to fruition should a developer be interested.

Mr. Rizzo states that the town should not allow employees to eat during paid time at work. A majority of the town board is glad to have happy employees that are willing to cover the services while also having their lunch.

The three year town hall upgrade is underway, well not really, only the grant process is under way and falling apart. After all this time Mr. Rizzo informs the board this week that we need to spend $100,000 to get the 150,000 grant.

The “large forms of good” that Mr. Rizzo attributes to himself are unquestionably only in his mind and not an asset towards better government.