Are all the Washington Democrats un-American?

It is a shame that Charles Schumer, a federal senator from New York state can care so little about United States citizens and care so much for illegal immigrants trying to enter our great nation illegally.

He is willing to spend billions on care and aid for illegals and won’t agree to give billion for the construction of a section of barrier/wall which our president has requested. If Charles Schumer were a patriot and truly cared about the well being of U.S. citizens instead of paying so much attention to polities, he would be insisting on a wall.

Seeing the most recent killing of a law enforcement officer by an illegal confirms, in my mind, that Democrats in Washington, D.C. do not give a hoot about American police and seem to be more interested in supporting rioters and those that condemn all police agencies and law enforcement in general.

In addition, the Washington Democrats that support sanctuary cities should also be ashamed — it results in unfettered criminal activity, rape and murder of U.S. citizens — but that doesn’t seem to bother them. Are all the Washington Democrats un-American and unpatriotic — by the results of the mid-term at least three un-American people were elected to Congress — one from Arizona (senator) and two from New York state (House).

Although I do not condone the violence practiced by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, or others, I can understand the frustration of the true Americans that rise up against those individuals that hate our country and Constitution such as George Soros, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Corey Booker, Charles Schumer and Gillibrand, etc., etc.