Dayton King’s letter had several errors

There are several errors of fact in the recent letter to the editor of this newspaper from Dayton King, who urges people to vote one way and then lie to their friends, families and neighbors about whom they voted for in the upcoming State Assembly race.

The facts of this matter are that the city of Amsterdam applied for a competitive grant process, and was successful in their application on the third try. It was not a legislative member item based on party affiliation in the Senate or Assembly.

So far, Gloversville has failed to receive a grant because of a lack of local executive leadership in the application process.

Therefore, it is a grossly mistaken idea that an inexperienced candidate from Herkimer County can best serve our people here in Fulton County.

People are urged to vote for the best qualified candidate who will uphold the principles of lower taxation, less regulation and more liberty.

That person is clearly Robert Smullen for New York state Assembly, and I say be proud about whom you vote for in exercising your Constitutional rights.

Kevin Kucel