Don’t be fooled by the mud-slinging

As a student of local history who researches old newspapers for interesting stories, I have to admit I’ve never encountered any tales of old-time primary contests that match the soap opera dramatics, vitriol, hypocrisy and unctuous self-righteousness currently being heaped on myself and other innocent Fulton County voters in an apparent attempt to convince us that candidate for Assembly Marine Colonel Robert Smullen is akin to the devil incarnate, but his opponent has both God’s ear and blessing.

I can’t help wonder if the slinger of all this mud really believes voters are that gullible, and if he does, that’s really rather insulting to all of us. No doubt the architect of this anti-Smullen drivel would also wish us to believe he’s never, not even once, left a public restroom before washing his hands.

Political mud-slinging is much like tossing a boomerang at someone: it may hit the intended party, but it won’t stick hard before returning to the thrower, as well it should. I respectfully suggest that, as we enter the voting kiosk on Primary Day, it’s often the candidate whose character, accomplishments and potential for providing the voting public good representation if elected, who becomes the target of other’s ambitions.


Fort Johnson