Vote in November to save our Democracy

Donald Trump was invited to Camp Drum on Aug. 13, by U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik.

Due to very poor planning, Trump was asked to announce the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019, in honor of Sen. McCain. Disgracefully, Trump refused to even say Sen. McCain’s name despite the fact that he had signed the bill.

Draft dodger Trump claimed that Sen. McCain was no hero because he was captured in Vietnam. Trump said his own personal Vietnam was avoiding an STD.

In July in Helsinki, Trump stood before the entire world and took the side of Putin against all of our country’s intelligence professionals. In response, Sen. John McCain said, “It was the most disgraceful performance by an American president in memory and a tragic mistake.”

Trump believes only in Donald J. Trump. He punishes anyone who doesn’t praise and agree with him. I guess this explains the cowardice of Republicans in Congress. The Republican Party has abandoned its principles and me by excusing and enabling this corrupt, wanna-be dictator. I am now a registered Independent.

Trump has contempt for the rule of law, bashes the Justice Department and all of our intelligence professionals, and has ruined relationships with our allies. He lies without ceasing and calls the press the enemy of the people and that’s just scratching the surface of his destructive behavior; all this while Congressional Republicans remain silent.

Sadly, Sen. McCain died on Aug. 25. Even in death, Trump refused to read the statement honoring McCain’s contributions that was prepared by his aides. He also ordered the White House flags to return to full staff, rather than waiting until the memorial services were completed.

Why do Trump supporters admire such a small, weak man who has no shame or dignity?

For the majority of Americans who do not support Trump, we must vote in November to unseat the cowardly Republicans and save our democracy.