Our president does not respect anyone and is racist

Leaders should always value the lives of all its people and treat everyone equal. But the leader of the free world, the incumbent president of the United States, the honorable Donald J. Trump doesn’t respect everyone at all. In the 21st century I never thought that the current opponent of the Oval Office would use racial slurs towards African Americans, Hispanics, and other minorities. There are many examples that prove that 45 is a racist bigot. Here I’m going to prove to the readers of the Leader-Herald how Donald J. Trump is a racist.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, then presidential candidate and real estate tycoon, Donald J. Trump said that he didn’t like a judge deciding a case because of the fact that he had Mexican heritage. Secondly the Donald started his career in politics by coming up with the birther moment which claimed that the 44th president of the United States, the honorable Barack H. Obama wasn’t born in United States. Trump then went on a media tour demanding to see the birth certificate of then-President Barack Obama. Third calling the football players in the National Football League that protest during the playing of the national anthem of kneeling sons of b*****s and they should get out of this country. Fourth, President Donald J. Trump says that he doesn’t want immigrants coming from African nations because they’re ****hole countries. Fifth and last, which happened most recently, President Donald Trump called professional basketball player LeBron James someone with low intelligence after he was interviewed by CNN anchor Don Lemon after opening up a school to under privileged children.

Myself, being an African American in the year of 2018, I strongly believe that President Donald J. Trump doesn’t value me the same as he does a white American. Our country is even more divided today because of Donald Trump. The job of the president of the United States should be unite us all, not divide us. Our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln once said a house divided cannot stand, and he is right. Bigotry and hatred has no place in America. The sitting president is indeed a racist bigot. Always remember that we’re stronger together and love trumps hate.