Incumbent is saying outright lies about opponent

I don’t know if you flip through the TV channels like I do when I don’t know what I want to watch but the other night a political ad caught my attention because it was so negative. It was Elise Stefanik’s attack on Tedra Cobb.

I know politics has always been a dirty business, so when I caught the TV blurb, I shouldn’t have been surprised, but being a curious person, I had to check out fact from fiction.

I found that not only were the comments about Cobb misleading, but they were out and out lies.

Why would someone holding the office of congresswoman from the 21st district and membership in 27 caucuses spend her time slandering a candidate when she should be concentrating on the important issues that face our district and our country.

Could it be that she has something to hide? Maybe she doesn’t want those she is representing to know that she is not a resident of the 21st district. Yes, the one she is supposed to represent.