Gerard McAuliffe is the right candidate for family court

In his bid to be elected Family Court judge, Gerard McAuliffe has stated, “I believe that the family unit is the fabric of our society. Strong family values are the backdrop that shape our community.” One who espouses these values is needed, greatly, in our leadership community. I believe, wholeheartedly, what McAuliffe says, is truly and wholeheartedly what he believes and strives for in his family and for our community.

I have known Gerard since he became an active member of the criminal justice system in Fulton County in 1992, as Assistant Public Defender and then Public Defender. As confidential secretary to the F.C. District Attorney over a 38-year period that encompassed much of Gerard’s practice of law in service to Fulton County, I came to know him, personally and professionally, and found him to be professional, respectful, affable, caring, attentive and courteous to all.

Gerard has been rated “highly qualified” by the Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commission. The IJEQC review includes a candidate’s professional ability, character, integrity, reputation for fairness and lack of bias, courtesy and patience. Gerard’s rating signifies he is a candidate who exemplifies “the highest reputation for honesty, integrity and good character, including the absence of any significant professional disciplinary record,” and demonstrates the “highest capacity” for “distinguished judicial temperament, including courtesy, patience, independence, impartiality and respect.”

To acquire a rating from the IJEQC, a candidate submits numerous past cases, allows an extensive background check, writing samples, and interviews by IJEQC members. Gerard is the only non-judge in our district to be “highly qualified.”

As supported by the IJEQC rating, Gerard is the candidate best suited to be elected family court judge because he is “affable,” he is open to hearing all parties in any situation that may come before him, and he is very observant, kind, and caring as he carries out his work. He will get the job done and will do so with fair, compassionate deliberation of the law and of the persons and circumstances that may come before him in Family Court, where cases necessitate an unflappable, yet considerate demeanor toward all.

McAuliffe’s intelligence, experience, hard work, ability to make tough decisions, as well as his personal attributes, make him the best choice. On Sept. 13, vote for Gerard McAuliffe for Fulton County Family Court judge.