The Trump administration’s war on the conservation

The news that the Trump administration intends to end the automatic protection for threatened animals and plants as well as limiting habitat safeguards meant to shield recovering species from harm has created a growing firestorm of anger among dedicated bedrock wildlife protectors, conservation advocates, etc.

But aroused emotions are not enough to curtail, once and for all, the Trump administration’s efforts to further advance its destructive anti-environment agenda. Combined, unified action by everyone — private citizens. Members of organizations, adult and youth clubs, associations and our elected representatives who were chosen to speak on our behalf in the halls of Congress should also join in.

Yes, on election day, the obvious, drastic changes that must be made in our federal government can be directly accomplished by the people. But until then, can we really afford to allow more damage to take place?

All of you out there who continually insist that they fully understand and endorse the meaning of the observation, “Protect what we already have,” can prove it by helping to stop this latest outrage.