‘Stupid’ politicians need to get off of Trump’s back

I have a slant on the Trump-Putin relationship that I haven’t heard anywhere else. To begin with, if we go back 80 years to World War II, who helped us the most in beating Germany? Russia! Great Britain took the brunt of the war but it was Russia that helped us the most.

Down the road I believe the United States and Russia see China as threat to world peace. I think both Trump and Putin appear to believe this and it’s why they seem to get along so well. They see China as another Germany.

Together they know they are the world’s two greatest nuclear powers and China knows this as well. This is the greatest deterrent for China to make any military move against either of our countries.

While our countries may disagree on smaller issues, it’s important that we remain friendly because of what is coming down the road. I only wish these stupid politicians would get off Trump’s back.


Delray Beach, Fla.