Smullen is the man to elect to represent Fulton County

It is heartening to see a man like Colonel Robert Smullen run for State Assembly in Fulton County. It has been a long time since Fulton County has been represented by a local assemblyperson. Col. Smullen is a lifelong resident, 24-year Marine veteran who was advanced to colonel with his duties. Now he is home, built a new home and solar farm on his property in Gloversville. He is now retired and can spend full time in the NYS Assembly representing the 118th District. Fulton County as well as upstate New York needs a man like this to take our values to Albany and represent us with the status of a full colonel’s voice in Albany. His opponents and their petty attacks on this man have no merit because he is a resident of Fulton County and has been all of his life. If his political opponents disagree, they can pursue the issue in court and would surely lose.