Smrtic has the skills, courage and ethical standards needed

I’ve known Michael Smrtic for approximately 20 years; he was my dad’s attorney for a real estate deal. He later helped my father do his will and my Mom’s will. If any of you knew my late father, you would know he was an excellent judge of character and he thought a lot of Mike. I met Mike later at the Pine Tree Rifle Club where we are both members. I find Mike always willing to help, very hard-working and compassionate individual. He has the skills, the courage the ethical standards intelligence and background to be a great judge.

Mike has gotten involved with me in quite a few fundraising efforts for different causes. Mike is not just talk, he’s action. Mike is always willing to lend a hand, to help someone out. Knowing Mike and seeing him in action, and the type of person that he is, I know he will be a fair, honest, and hardworking judge for our county. I stand behind Mike and his effort to be our Fulton County family Court Judge, and I hope you give him the consideration that he deserves.