Don’t shop at places that put restrictions on firearms

Take your money elsewhere.

Firearms and Ammunition industry economic impact report (NSSF2018) (Nationally) total economic impact $51 billion.

I subscribe to numerous gun magazines . I am a National Rifle Association member and a U.S.M.C. veteran during a very unpopular time and war. I have enjoyed owning and using firearms for over 65 years. I pay taxes and I vote.

Here in New York state, our Democratic freedom was bought by our Governor Cuomo, Bloomberg and Gates and numerous others. Why? One reason I feel is we set back and think the NRA and our politicans will do it all. We, all gun owners and all gun lovers — all of us — must get involved.

The news recently announced several companies or businesses were stopping the sale of firearms and ammunition. Some also have decided to make their own laws and will not sell to anyone under 21 years old. Consider Fred Meyer, Walmart, L.L. Bean, Dick’s Sporting Goods and several others. Citigroup has also put restrictions on firearm sales.

Do not support them. Take your money someplace else. Do any of the above businesses sell anything that cannot be purchased elsewhere? Must you have a Citigroup credit card? It is not the only card aailable. Return it with a letter of explanation. Do some research and find any unfriendly companies. Then return their credit cards and reward cards. Stop supporting those that are harming us. Buy your groceries, your clothes and your boots elsewhere. Many companies stopped supporting the NRA, so stop doing business with them.

Firearm and ammunition companies are leaving states that repress us and our lifestyle. It is not cheap nor easy to do but they are still moving. They are making a statement and so should we. Our politicians are not enough. We must hit them in their pocketbook. That’s all corporate America cares about.

Another issue I have is entertainers with the money and means to be heard berating us. I wish they would do their jobs and simply make movies, be on stage or a TV program entertaining me and not calling NRA and its members names. Calling America’s rifle only a “weapon of war” is so exaggerated.

I fail to see how a pistol grip or a flash suppressor makes it more lethal. The late night TV hosts well I stopped watching quite some time ago. I feel that bullying plays a part in the school schootings yet these same TV hosts ridicule and humiliate the president. They have no respect for anyone.

We must get more involved, get out and vote, spend wisely, tell businesses why you are putting them on your do not patronize list, return credit cards and when possible, speak with the management. Do your part, I’ll do mine and, if we all make an effort, we will prevail.