Tedra Cobb is the best choice to win in Republican district

I am writing in support of Tedra Cobb, who is currently running in the Democratic primary for Congress in our district, NY 21. She is a progressive Democrat who can talk to Republicans because she focuses on uniting principles, not polarizing issues. Tedra is the kind of Democrat who can win in our heavily Republican district.

Tedra is a native to the NY 21. She has mobilized grassroots support, energized the local Democratic parties, has 750 unpaid volunteers and received most of her money from small donations. She is the kind of Democrat who can help bring reason and compassion back to Washington.

In addition, she won a locally-elected public office, left on her own, and then became a community organizer. During that time, she remained in local politics and worked on supporting health care for everyone; local environmental issues; acting against gun violence; supporting cradle-to-grave education; and supporting benefits for military veterans.

Best of all, she walks the walk. Her convictions are genuine and her honesty makes her a convincing public speaker. I watched her turn a doubter into a contributor in about 20 minutes. It was not a prepared speech. She simply talked about what she sincerely believed.

I saw all her current Democratic opponents speak at different forums. None of them had the qualities Tedra had in abundance. So, I am asking all Democrats from NY 21 to vote for her in the primary on June 26. When she wins, I am asking alll voters to look at her record and listen to her speak when she makes another of her many appearances in our area.

Tedra is the kind of leader who gives me hope for our country.