The school budget will keep good programs for students

Education is important to the lives of many young people within our community. School is not only a place where students can enrich their lives, but also a place where they can be themselves. The basic educational system in Johnstown provides students with the necessary resources to enter this world and be successful.

Speaking as a senior of the 2018 graduating class, my schooling has offered me a multitude of opportunities that I plan to take full advantage of as I leave high school. Not only have I received an excellent education, but I have also acquired the life skills necessary to take the next step in my life as an adult.

The staff and programs that are offered in the Greater Johnstown School District have played a huge role in shaping me into the person that I am today. Each student is different and I concede that there will always be that one group of kids who do not take advantage of the opportunities that stands right in front of them. I also believe, however, that it is unfair to categorize all students and say that they are “not receiving basic educational skills.” I believe I speak for the majority of the Johnstown student body when I say that our schools and all of the teachers within them have provided us with something extraordinary and irreplaceable.

Taxes are a necessary part of any governmental system and thus a key part to our educational system. Raising taxes by the amount currently proposed is certainly not ideal for the hardworking taxpayers in our community, however, the money raised by these taxes is used for a good purpose. This money is used to keep all the teachers and programs that make our educational system the amazing thing that it is. Although the proposed tax increase is high, it is necessary to help keep our increasingly important educational system alive.