What is society coming to?

What is our society coming to when we have to consider putting armed guards in our schools, churches and shopping malls. What could anyone be protesting that shooting a group of school children would change.

We have become a society in which discipline and justice are just words. How many children does a mentally unstable person have to kill before he deserves to die. What kind of test would you give someone who just killed a child, to determin if he were mentally stable. Rational thinking people don’t go out and start killing people. Violence usually doesn’t solve a problem, it compounds it. People of the last two or three generations have, for some reason, decided that discipling their children is “unconstitutional” and violates their rights as a person. Parents can’t discipline; schools can’t discipline; and courts plea bargain. Considering that and all the movies and games that are available to our youth, it’s easy to see where the violence comes from. We are, our own worst enemy, and the technology we have created helps to contribute to our short comings.

Bringing a child into this world is a large responsibility. Teaching that child right from wrong and respect for others starts from day one. Not everyone learns at the same pace. Some take longer and some just don’t seem to get it. But the process has to be started young.

Unfortunately a lot of young people today are looking for the easy way out. They don’t want to work for things they want, they want it handed to them. Think about it. If a child starts out getting anything it wants by just asking for it, why would they expect anything different as they get older. As a parent we play a big part in molding the thinking and actions of our children. Unfortunatly as they get older, they sometimes tate the wrong path anyway.

Getting back to the main topic. We have enough guns laws on the books, we just need a little better enforcement. Preventing a school shooting starts at the front door. All doors but the main door should be locked. All in and out traffic must go through the main doorway which should be monitored by some form of security. For large schools and colleges this could be a real headache, but how many shootings do we need before we can take preventive measures. As far as weapons go, the average person doesn’t need a smiautomatic weapon to hunt deer or anything else. If you own several guns and your are not a collector, you may be a little paranoid. If you own guns and have kids, be responsible and keep them locked up. Pay attention to what your kids watch on TV and computer and phone as well as the video games they play. How would you feel if your child were shot or if your child were the shooter.