There are good samaritans everywhere around us

I want to thank all of our super policemen, firefighters, refuse collectors, ambulances, doctors, and all who look out for us. These all wonderful people who help us when we need it.

But what about the rest of the population? Who stopped with their truck to help my husband get up from the street? Two young men enthused to help him. I did it by myself but they were there to do all they could to help my 89 year old husband up from his fall. As it happened, I did it myself but will never forget their kindness and they were going to drive us home (two blocks).

After thanking them, my husband again went flat down in the street; within seconds another truck with young men stopped and wanted to get him up and take us home. Such fine young men so willing to help. I again struggled and did get him up because I’m so stubborn.

Again, God bless those two good samaritans. [The incidents] happened before we had snow. This happened a few months ago.

Yesterday, my husband wanted to outside and take a walk. Big mistake on my part. He did pretty well for one block and then his legs started to go. I finally got him to a porch stair before he went down and over.

After a while, I asked passerbys if they could help me get him home (one block away). The young couple did help him and flagged down a car and got him into her car. Those three young people were so kind and helpful and got him into our house. There are good samaritans in this world. Had they not helped us, I would have had to go home to call 911. They may have not realized how happy I am to meet them and get their help. Why aren’t all people as kind and concerned? God bless all the good samaritans of our city and world. We need you kind people in our sick world.

So once again, thank you to all who help us but especially the kind hearted good samaritans who will help every body. God will bless you. We love you and thank you.