The real is issue is the separation of church and state

I have been very disgusted when following the news and media on the fight over the Second Amendment and the shootings at various locations. I believe it is time to pull our heads out of the sand and look at the real issue. I believe we will all agree that we have a major problem when we allow those who have mental issues, felons or those with a criminal history to be able to have firearms. That was the major contributing factor in the recent shooting in Florida. And by the way, the guns I may own or those of my family or friends are not “weapons.” Weapons, as properly defined, are used when fighting a war or intent on committing a crime. The media has improperly used this term for way too long. The proper name for our guns is firearms, whether they be hand guns or long guns used for hunting, target shooting, or self-defense.

Now for the real issue, and it has been an issue that has and will contribute to the violence for way too long. We as a nation, for way too long, have said take down the Ten Commandments from all government buildings. And we want God removed from our currency or any other place. He may be mentioned. We want him removed from our schools. No prayer, but what have we done when confronted with a tragedy such as the mass shooting in Florida? Then we call for prayer, please pray to a God we have tried to kick out, a God we said we didn’t want. Yes I will continue to pray, and I trust you will too. Our nation needs a turning back to the principles upon which we were founded — one nation under God,