NRA advocates need to stop acting like babies

The Second Amendment to the Constitution provided the right to have and use firearms. The Founding Fathers never saw, or even imagined, today’s assault rifles. Their purpose for the Second Amendment was to enable citizens to assist the local militias should a state or this new country come under attack.

Speaking in an interview on public radio station WNYC, Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg stated “When we no longer need people to keep muskets in their home, then the Second Amendment has no function — if the Court had properly interpreted the Second Amendment, the court would have said that amendment was very important when the nation was new; it gave a qualified right to keep and bear arms, but it was for one purpose only — and that was the purpose of having militiamen who were able to fight to preserve the nation.”

The Founding Fathers never saw or even imagined today’s assault rifles. And, since we no longer have militias, most of us could even let go of our muskets.

Sports persons, do you really need to hunt with assault weapons or with magazines to rapidly fire one hundred rounds. Armies and killers use these weapons. Clearly, making them available to every Dick or Jane who wants one is having a deadly impact.

Come on America! Wake up and grow up. NRA folks, you are like babies in a crib having a temper tantrum, fearing that mom will take away your rattle. “I want my guns!” You are fighting to maintain an America that should have ceased to exist once the wild west was won.

At this point, Mr. and Mrs. NRA, I do blame you for these horrible shootings of our children. You could stop this senseless slaughter of our babies. Stop the killing now!