Be mindful of other community members

Contrary to what Mother Nature has been providing us this year thus far, it is spring! With that comes the opportunity to walk your dogs, visit garage sales, and in general, to just get out and about your neighborhood/city.

This is a friendly reminder to be mindful of your fellow community members. When walking your dogs or just walking in general, please do not discard your trash or cigarette butts in public places or on private property. Always pick up after your dog!

Unfortunately, when people walk their dogs in a local Johnstown cemetery, they decide that it is ok to let their dog do their business and just leave it. This is unacceptable! Many of those lying in repose have died fighting for Johnstown and the United States. Many are respected members that have contributed much to better the community, while others may have just been ordinary citizens who lived their lives to the best of their ability and deserve a little dignity in death.

People should be able to walk their dog, visit a loved one’s grave, or even walk amongst the grave-sites and reflect without having to deal with the failure of a dog owner to have morals. Also there have been instances of people/kids overturning headstones. This is vandalism. As a parent you have a responsibility to teach your child right from wrong. Please do so.

The citywide garage sale is also upon us. Be mindful of discarding your cigarette butts on a private property that you are visiting. Also be aware that some streets do not have curbs and sidewalks. Parking in the grass next to a street while you visit the local sales can leave ruts in the property owners lawn.

We all have our trials and tribulations in life. It is up to each individual to not add to other people’s stress/grief. There is a well known slogan that has been circulating since the last presidential election “Make America Great Again.” That starts by making your own street/community “great again.”