We gave Lystek a chance and we don’t want them

In response to town of Glen Supervisor John Thomas who asks the residents of the town of Glen to give the Sewage Sludge “Recovery Plant” a chance. We did. For six months we attended Lystek’s informational meetings. Three of them to be exact. We read their letters that appeared in the local papers as well as their mailings. We took the advice of the company and researched what they produce and what they do with the product. After six months of giving the company a chance we have decided Lystek is not the company we want in Glen.

It is apparent that the supervisor, as well as some members of the town board, are not listening to us. They say we are promoting fake facts. We chose to read not just the biased and incomplete information the company has provided but to also contact the premier Agricultural College in New York regarding the safety of biosolids (processed sewage sludge). The research currently underway at Cornell is alarming. But we are supposed to ignore this. It’s “fake” research.

Lystek and the town board asks us to do our research while doing none of their own. Lystek, when asked, stated they did not yet know what all of the regulations are for their industry in New York. They have tried to site a plant that is prohibited by town law. They did not research our laws after they were denied in Madison for the exact same type of law prohibiting solid waste management facilities. They also did not look at the town’s comprehensive plan. This plan shows an aquafer beneath the entire Glen Canal View Business Park. Lystek has stated there is no aquafer. The Town’s Comprehensive Plan must be another “fake” document. Maybe this is why Lystek submitted a permit to the Town Planning Board for their plant that according to an engineering firm hired by the town of Glen contains 22 deficiencies. Deficiencies including a lack of information regarding odor and vector control as well as runoff from the site.

You have to ask yourself as a town resident, how did the town board as well as Lystek miss both the town law as well as the information contained in the Town of Glen Comprehensive Plan? How does an “award winning” company submit a plan with 22 deficiencies? Who isn’t doing their research?


Citizens Against Local Landfills