We all seem to be victimized when it comes to phone bills

We all seem to be victimized by the state legislature and its Public Service Commission when considering our telephone bills.

Frontier, for instance, bills for service not yet rendered. We received our bill Feb. 19, for services through March 12. If one pays late, there is a five percent penalty.

Our basic landline charge was $41.45. Taxes added $22.41 or 54 percent more.

New York state taxes and surcharges made up 9.1 percent of that. Johnstown, city/FultonCounty/ school taxes added 8.55 percent. Combined, that is 17.85 percent.

The Johnstown School District gets 3.8 percent. Why a school district, which is itself a taxing entity with great support from the state and the nearby casino, should be permitted to tax a telephone line is beyond reason.

The Feds charged 21 percent for taxes, a bit more than they charge corporations for income taxes.

All of which reminds how these small termite taxes are eating up the foundations of our lives and make us feel like feudal peasants.