Unions safeguard American workers

The 400 words to correct the inaccuracies in an editorial about fair share is an impossible task. I must rely on your readers to research this topic to fully understand the implications that the editorial seems not to mention. Or please feel free to contact me at CSEA Capital Region office in Latham.

In 1977 the Supreme Court, made up of seven Republican appointed justices, ruled unanimously that Fair Share was the law of the land. In the Abood decision the justices wrote, non-members may be assessed agency fees to recover the costs of “collective bargaining, contract administration, and grievance adjustment purposes” while insisting that objectors to union membership or policy may not have their dues used for other ideological or political purposes. This is a system that allows for your First Amendment freedom while not allowing you to get the benefits of the union without sharing the cost. So, you are not forced to support an organization with which you disagree, but you do have to share the cost of obtaining the benefits you accept. Who hasn’t been told there is no such thing as a “free lunch.”

I do have to wonder how this community or any community in America thrives if we continue down the path we are headed. Oxfam just reported that 78 percent of all money earned in 2017 was by the top one percent. The few are trying to convince the many that what they call right to work is good for us. A system set up to silence the voice of workers. The United States Census Bureau reports poverty rates for children are 21 percent in so-called right to work states, higher by approximately four percent versus non-right to work states. Bureau of Labor statistics data shows that the average worker in a free bargaining state makes $6,109 a year more than a worker in a right to work state. Further the statistics show that the risk of workplace death is 49 percent higher in right to work states. These are the facts of how right to work is wrong for workers.

Love or hate unions, they stand as one of the last safeguards against the greedy few who want to amass more. When there were more union members there were more middle class families. Don’t be fooled into believing against your own wages, benefits and in fact, your life.