Think about how the dairy cows are treated

Farming; some thoughts

Cows are mothers: They have the same problems that we do giving birth.

Out west they live on the range. Last year a big blizzard about this time. Some farmers and ranchers lost cows and calves.

About a week ago, my son-in-law went to check his beef cattle. There was a 4 year old bull dead; cost $10,000. Northwest Kansas.

Here is mostly dairy, pole barns, big herds get milked three times a day. They don’t last long — money — money! Their tails are cut off. They don’t ever get out on green grass. Their calves are quickly taken away and tied short so they can’t even turn around!

One woman told me, “Eunice, they aren’t pets!”

I know that. I started taking care of them when I was about 10 years old. My cow gave birth in a box stall. I brought her out to milk. Her baby was right there jumping and playing. Sometimes I had to let her calf nurse a little because a cow will hold her milk for her baby.

I really hate bole barns. They never get out. They don’t last long, milked three times a day? I never did that so I am guessing?

All for now for the animals.