Stop, take a breath and see what is behind the gun violnece

An open letter to Paul Tonko D-Amsterdam:

As a person who has argued the case of Kampfer vs. Cuomo all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, in regards to guns and the Second Amendment, I respectfully ask for everyone to stop; school students, please stop; take a deep breath and see where the problem of gun violence is and where it begins.

First, without looking at the instrument which inflicted pain, look at the person who used the instrument. Then look at past cases of the same carnage. What is the same?

In all school shootings, the same picture is: Each person who pulls the trigger is a/or was a student of that school.

Now, what triggers that student to commit an act of violence at the school? What is it about that school or the people in it that brings about such rage?

Once we find the trigger to the rage, and only then, can we begin the process of fixing the problem.

And now, we need to find the source that teaches our children that guns are the fix all for their rage; is it the availability to guns? I do not think so. The problem is adults, our prejudice, our ethics.

How can we as a society teach our children right from wrong if we as adults fail to practice what we preach.

This country and its Constitution, together with the federal laws, provides that a citizen of this country has the right to own an AR-15, for the purpose of protecting this country from invaders of foreign lands or suppress insurrections.

I am a gun owner, but I do not agree with the NRA; there must be an age limit. If a young man has the right to enter the military to kill for this country, at that age he has the right to own whatever weapon that is legal.

So what age should that be?

No weapon, be it a handgun or rifle of any kind, should ever be handed over the store countertop, without first a person passing a gun instruction class first, and a certificate showing that the person passed that class.

We don’t send a man into battle without first providing the best instruction, same should be for person obtaining a weapon for Second Amendment reasons.