More left-wing gun myths

Terrified of guns and beyond ignorant, they just make stuff up. With National Right to Carry on the drawing boards, and maybe even enacted, implemented, still stalled or back to square one at this time. We the people are seeing every monumental lie and distortion imaginable about this time, constitutional concept. No, [it is] beyond imagination.

The righteous idea that we the people are free to bear arms should, in theory, attract support from anyone elected who takes a solemn oath to defend the U.S. Constitution. That our representatives fight tooth and nail to deny us these rights, spelled out for them to see in the Bill of Rights (and more than two centuries of history) is little short of astonishing and borders on treasonous. But here we are, with our cross to bear.

And there they are hauling out every tired and worn excuse they used when each of the 50 states wrestled with and got personal concealed-carry permits passed in some form. You remember the arguments all of which were phony. Not “fake news” — today’s trendy way to belittle the nonsense licensed broadcasters afflict us with. Pure fakery myths and phony nonsense, projections of fear that don’t relate to reality. Even if you call them on it, they simply go into denial. Do not expect retractions or corrections. Do expect the big bag of bull in the bundle.

Guns stop crime and then crime measurably dropped, state after state — with millions of Americans now armed against crime — and the left with their sycophantic media allies in lockstep alliance, are stupefied and mystified how this can be so. The abuse the rational must endure at the hands of the insane — the lunatics are running the asylum! People are armed against crime, crime drops, the leftists can’t figure it out.

Speculation has it that many of Hillary’s type of flighty anti-gun followers are of such weak mental composure that if they had access to the raw power of arms, their mental state could not withstand the inherent pressure, and they would snap. Instead of stopping crime, as an armed public helps do, leftist would contribute to it directly.