The Lystek plant is a bad idea

Lystek Glen Park Organic Materials Recovery Center or Lystek Sewage Sludge Processing

Following are facts. Sources are given in parentheses.

This plant proposed for the Glen Canal View Business Park will process sludge from sewage treatment plants into “fertilizer.” The process consists of heating the sludge to 167 degrees for one hour and adding lime to adjust the pH (Lystek informational handout dated January 2018).

Let’s take a look at the volume of sewage sludge to be processed.

¯ 150,000 tons a year (Lystek handout)

¯ That’s 30 tons an hour or 600 tons a day.

¯ That’s six railroad coal cars a day.

That is 11 percent of all sewage sludge produced annually in New York state including large cities (

It will all be coming here, town of Glen, Montgomery County.

The storage reservoir at this site will be 200 yards by 100 yards, capable of holding 75,000 tons — half a year’s production — 5.5 percent of all sewage sludge produced annually in New York state (Lystek handout).

A Lystek representative at the January meeting said the product would be distributed within a 40-mile radius. Neighboring counties and cities should be taking notice. This includes you, Schenectady.

Application rates are also interesting (US EPA, Typical Biosolids application):

Agricultural (corn, grain, soybeans, hay): five to 20 dry tons — acre annually.

Forest land: five to 100 dry tons — acre every two years.

These figures are in dry tons. Multiply by four to get the tonnage as applied from the Lystek plant.

We have spent decades developing sewage treatment plants to keep sewage out of our water. Should we now spread it on our land?

To our elected and appointed representatives: This is a bad idea.

What are you thinking?