State budget lacking for those with psychiatric disabilities

In Governor Cuomo’s budget proposal, $10 million was allocated towards the community-based mental health housing system. However, even though we are grateful to be in the budget, we have not received increased funding in decades.

As the executive director of Catholic Charities of Fulton and Montgomery Counties, I know that stable housing is a crucial step for members of our community who suffer from psychiatric disabilities. In addition, stable housing is crucial to stable communities; everyone benefits when our most vulnerable residents are adequately housed.

Whether through family members, colleagues or friends, we all know someone who either suffers from psychiatric disabilities or is affected by the struggles of a loved one.

The governor and state leaders need to stand up for these members of our families and communities. Without adequate funding, Governor Cuomo and our state leaders will not only forsake this population but risk adding to the homelessness crisis.


Executive director