Sewage sludge processing plant a bad deal for Glen

In reading and listening to the commentary of the few area residents that are actually for the proposed Sewage Sludge Processing Plant in the town of Glen, it appears they are focused on two things:

Jobs and taxes.

Specifically, their commentary — which often uses a demeaning and derogatory tone — seems to suggest that if you are against Lystek’s proposed project, it means that you are also anti-jobs, anti-business, anti-tax relief, etc.

However, as a successful business owner and area employer, it would be rather difficult to find evidence that I am against any of those things — yet I still do not support the Canadian company’s proposal.

I should add that I’m not a Tree Hugger or “NIMBY” (a term often used by Lystek “consultant” George Bevington).

You won’t ever find me complaining about “more trucks” just because they are trucks or complaining about “more factories” just because they are factories. I’m a proud capitalist!

Nobody likes trucks or factories. They’re noisy. They’re smelly. They create all kinds of pollution (visual, noise, air etc.), but they are a necessary cost of doing business and building a strong economy.

Where I differ with proponents who seem to blindly support anything that promises to bring jobs and/or tax revenue is this: I’m willing to accept the negatives of the arrival of any given industry, but only if the pros outweigh the cons.

But I’ve been watching the Lystek saga closely — scrutinizing material from both sides — and I honestly don’t see where the pros outweigh the cons here.

Frankly, proponents seem to think that any job or any tax dollar is a good thing — however each job and tax dollar is not created equally.

If “They’ll bring jobs!” and “They’ll pay taxes!” were valid arguments, why don’t we just invite a nuclear power plant to the county to get those jobs?

Or, given that it’s quite profitable for a municipality to take other people’s garbage, perhaps we could bring back the idea of the landfill?

Being anti-Lystek is not incompatible with being pro-business. In fact, I’m a proud capitalist — but this is simply a bad deal for the town of Glen and Montgomery County.